The club announced today that forward John Wolyniec and defender Kevin Goldthwaite will undergo season-ending surgeries this week.

Wolyniec will undergo right ankle surgery Tuesday, Oct. 6, to remove two bone chips. The procedure will be performed by Dr. David Levine at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, NY. Wolyniec sustained the injury after scoring a game-tying goal in New York’s 1-1 draw against the New England Revolution on Sept. 18. He is expected to miss six weeks. Second all-time in club history in games played with 138, Wolyniec, 32, has scored two goals and an assist in 20 appearances – eight of which were starts – this season.

Goldthwaite will have a left adductor release procedure performed by Dr. William Meyers in Philadelphia, PA, this Wednesday, Oct. 7. His recovery time is expected to be three to eight weeks. Goldthwaite, 26, was acquired from Toronto FC in the middle of the 2007 season and has started in 17 games for the Red Bulls in 2009. He was New York’s 2008 Defender of the Year after playing in a career-high 28 games and tallying two goals and two assists.



  1. Alle Says:

    Damnit, this isn’t the news I wanted to hear. Then again, it just confirms what I’ve been saying all along: We need more strikers.

  2. Mentz Says:

    why does this matter? get the surgery and get healthy. no reason to risk anything this year.

  3. lou Says:

    Off topic completely, but when is stuart holden’s contract up? I know that the mls realesed the 2009 salary figures recently and stuart holden was making 34,000. Houston will almost certainly give him a huge raise, but is it possible to work a trade out with richards and some money for him? I know a deal similar to this one was attempted in the past, maybe we could try it again, young and talented wing players don’t come around to often in this league.

  4. lou Says:

    just found out his contract is up after the season

  5. jimmy Says:

    Holden sux

    • lou Says:

      what are you smoking? 15 goals in 97 appearances for houston, 4 goals and 2 assists despite missing almost half this season all while playing from the wide position, 2 goals and 3 assists in 8 appearances for the national team, young, might get the start this upcoming nationial team match with dempsey out, who else on this team or the league can match those stats. I don’t particularly like the guy, i don’t like his whining or what he did to carlos johnson, but i’m not going to lie to myself and say he sucks.

    • Dario Says:

      I’m with lou, Stuart Holden continues to impress me with the NT.

      He will be going to SA, and is the future of US soccer!

    • Cindy Says:

      you’re out of your mind if you think Holden sucks. but aside from that I doubt Holden leaves Houston for anything aside from going abroad, he’s one of the major faces of that team now.

  6. jason Says:

    lets get blanco in beging of seson he said this is his last year with fire so lets sope him up we need a midefield miestro

  7. Metro boy till da day I die Says:

    I don’t think holen would want to come to the red bulls.. He has a personal agenda with them… Alrough it would b nice to add him.. He can take a RIP from the outside.. Remember that goal he scored for the national team?!? It was pretty sick and was from FARR out..

  8. 505anthony Says:

    Good luck to Wozza and Shakes; I hope they heal quickly and get back into contention for next season. They’ve been good for us this year, sans the injuries.

  9. Cindy Says:

    get well soon Woly and Goldy!

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