A pretty even game between two teams looking for three points. At the end, it was a penalty kick called in the first half that decided the match. We caught up with interim head coach Richie Williams and defender Mike Petke for their thoughts on the game. New York has two more games, an away match against Real Salt Lake on Oct. 14 and its season finale at Giants Stadium versus Toronto FC on Oct. 24.

What were your thoughts on the match?



  1. Matthew Conroy Says:

    Another crappy refereeing performance cost us a point.

  2. emilio Says:

    We need an attacking mid and another striker, Kandji is a project with some fancy moves but no results. We need someone who knows what he is out there to do, not someone with fancy moves and no results.

  3. Matthew Conroy Says:

    Beating up on Kandji seems to be flavor of the month. Agree he was bad lasyt night, but did our central midfielders complete a single pass? Stammler has been below par most of the season and he was horrid again last night. Sassano offers nothing going forward.

    • lou Says:

      Kandji for the most part deserves the beating he is getting from the fans. Emilio is right, he has fancy moves and speed and not much else. He hasn’t produced all season and he has been injured far more than a young player should be. At this point he is no were near his salary (not tha many people on this team are. Stammler didn’t play great last night, but that was because he was playing almost an attacking midfield role, a posistion that he can’t play. And our central midfielder didn’t do much as you said, but that’s why we need an attacking mid.

  4. Alle Says:

    I think if anything has to improve after our attack, it’s our midfield, Sassano and Stammler weren’t that great. And the refereeing, unbelievable. He was a fruitcake, that’s how I’m putting it. Before the goal, the ball was supposed to have gone out for a throw-in, but the other official was missing his glasses, idiot. Then the Alvarez dive, come on, my grandmother would’ve spotted that from miles.

    • lou Says:

      I’m really getting sick of these referees. I know it’s not gentemanly to blame the referees for losses, but how many games have we lost now due to poor refereeing?

    • Alle Says:

      Too many. I think it’s because we haven’t been doing well that you see the refs turn their backs on us, the same crap happens in the Premier League.

  5. DS Says:

    The problem was that we had no drive in the midfield. Stammler should not be playing that far forward. His strengths are in defensive mid or filling in at the back. Borman should have started out left with Ubi in the CAM role, with Stammler behind him and Sassano on the bench.

    • lou Says:

      I agree. I couldn’t understand our starting lineup last night. And wasn’t obster out last week with illness as well? So that’s two straight weeks that he has been sick? Sounds pretty serious.

  6. Scott Says:

    That was terrible refereeing. If there was a foul it was at least 5 yards out of the box when the players were fighting for the ball. There was absolutely no contact when he went down, and even then he dove into the box. You could clearly see the ball got away from him, he looked down and dove into the box.

    The second half give credit to San Jose for playing strong defense with 8 players defending the whole time. We had a couple chances, Stammler and Richards both set up Angel who had his shots blocked.

  7. Alle Says:

    Angel’s shot was going bottom corner, that’s for sure.

  8. Ken Says:

    I agree with Matt. We need a central midfielder desp. and I agree with Matt that Sassano flat out sucks. Does he ever pass the ball forward? Stammler did not touch the ball all night another one that must go. I am
    so HAPPY and have been saying all year that everyone sees the obious problem. Sassano is at best a college player and Stammler looks terrible.
    We need some attacking tough nose midfielders that can shoot and score. Lets not waste our DP on anything else. Lets also get a forward to assist Angel and Kandji can be a great second half player. Lets look at Eskandarian and or some quick forwards from the Carrib. or like New England and others have done. I do have to say I like Richie as coach and like our new goalie at least he comes out and is not afraid to challenge in the air. Lets go Red Bull!

  9. lou Says:

    “Lets look at Eskandarian”

    Is he still free, I know earlier in the season chivas was looking to sell him, but we said we weren’t interested. Than the galaxy signed him and he had a big game against us. It would be nice to have him back in jersey.

  10. emilio Says:

    We nweed something much better than Eskandarian. He is an average player at best. Lets set our hopes higher.

  11. Alle Says:

    Eskandarian might score 5 goals atleast, but I’d only get him as a last resort. There’s better out there.

  12. Alle Says:

    Also, according to USA Today (and L’EQUIPE, which is where I first found this): Former Hamburg sporting director Dietmar Beiersdorfer has been appointed sporting director of the soccer division at Red Bull.


    • lou Says:

      yeah that happened a while ago alle, it is interesting new though. As for eskandarian, it’s hard to set your hopes higher when your team has been scouting and signing players like echeverry, pacheco, cichero, pietrovallo, and rojas, and when your only forwards on your roster are old man woly, kandji who can’t finish, and an aging angel. Let’s be realistic here, we are dealing with the red bulls FO, a very low salary cap, and a league filled with assinine rules here, so don’t expect to see a bunch of miracle signings, they might be possible but not all that plausible. Any improvement (eskandarian would be just that) would be welcomed at this point.

  13. Dario Says:

    IMO I thought the PK was a bit harsh.

    I think Richie would agree with me, did you guys see him fuming
    at the conclusion of the first half?

  14. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Did you shoot this video with iphone?

  15. neil suri Says:

    dont worry lou, we are getting ngwenya. he is beast!!!!

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