Red Bulls goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul has been called up to the Senegalese National Team for their friendly against South Korea in Seoul on Oct. 14. As a result, Coundoul will not be available for the Red Bulls’ Oct. 14 tilt against Real Salt Lake at Rio Tinto Stadium at 10:00 PM ET (TV: ESPN2, ESPN Deportes; Radio: WADO 1280 AM). Coundoul will leave the Red Bulls on Wednesday, Oct. 7 to join the squad, which is training in Paris, France.

Coundoul was signed by New York on June 29, 2009, after his rights were acquired from the Colorado Rapids in exchange for allocation money. Since joining the Red Bulls, Coundoul has posted a 1.43 goals against average and one shutout in seven starts. Coundoul has earned two caps for Senegal.



  1. kpugs Says:

    So, a guy who lined up his wall near post for a free kick, and then stood near post, allowing the free kicker to gently place the ball into the 80% of the goal not being blocked, is now going to get called up to play internationally. What a world we live in. Senegal might want to try posting some of the millions of child keepers playing here in the U.S., as they all know how to cover free kicks.

  2. DS Says:

    I think I know what situation you are talking about in terms of Bouna looking like he set the wall on one side and then stood on that same side. But it didn’t go into that 80% of open goal you claim to be available. He was slightly behind the wall, but didn’t concede. So what are you complaining about exactly?

  3. Mike From Linden Says:

    Either way, Congrats to Coundol on getting called up byu Senegal! International play is better than playing in MLS.

  4. Matthew Conroy Says:

    He was outstanding against San Jose. I feel a lot better with Bouna back there than I ever did with Cepero or Conway (you could throw Waterreus in there as well).

  5. emilio Says:

    Bouna is a good keeper, at least we know we have a good keeper next year. Congrats you deserve it!!

  6. Alle Says:

    Get a life kpugs, we’ve seen far worse from Cepero. Bouna deserves this. ALLEZ LES LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Well deserved, he has been amazing in last 3 games.

  8. lou Says:

    Congrats to bouna

  9. SMS Says:

    If you really, really think that Bouna is that significant of an upgrade from Cepero, you’re delusional. Just putting that out there. He’s a nice guy, he’s a personality, but Bouna hasn’t evolved much from the keeper he was at UAlbany all those years ago. He’s big and athletic and kpugs brought up my favorite Bouna memory of the year.

    He doesn’t get strategy. It’s easy to hate players on a down year.

    You all LOVED Danny when he was leading us to the playoffs. Stop whining.

  10. emilio Says:

    Danny has great athletic ability and he is a good shoyt stopper, but he is not polished with regards to positioning and decision making as to when to come out on corners etc. Bouna is much better at that than him. If you look at the overall play of our goalies this year Bouna has been the best. If you want to isolate a player on one mistake or bad play than that is very easy to do, and can be done with any player in the world, overall I think most knowledgeable soccer people, including our coach, would agree that he has been the best. I like Danny, he just needs to learn a little more.

  11. Matthew Says:

    Danny’s kicking is also atrocious.

    • Shawn M. Smith Says:

      You did see that he scored an 81-yard goal in his first ever start right? About 70 of that was in the air before the first bounce so that’s just a silly thing to say.

  12. Jason Says:

    Bouna scares the hell out of me. Far too often he comes off his line and doesn’t get to the corner/cross leaving the goal mouth exposed. It’s like he’s trying to channel Jorge Campos sometimes. And he’s not a kid – he’ll be 28 by opening kick 2010. Throw in that he makes $125k/yr and he seems more a problem than a solution. That $ figure gets you Busch, Pickens, Rimando or a top prospect like Frei. For comparison’s sake Hesmer makes $77k, Thornton $55k, and Stomper Wicks $42k. I’d rather play Cepero ($34k) and hope he learns from his youthful mistakes then use Bouna’s $125k elsewhere.

    • Shawn M. Smith Says:

      Agreed, Bouna is a nice dude but he makes the opposite mistakes on crosses that Conway did. Where Jon stood like a vampire (get it?), Bouna is overly aggressive as he takes the wrong path to the ball. Danny’s done some foolish stuff, but give him 2-3 years with Des and he’ll be well worth the investment.

    • Alle Says:

      Cepero was worse than him at coming off his line! He’s usually wandering where the opposition scores, and I don’t need to back myself up on that comment seeing as we’ve all seen him at it!

  13. emilio Says:

    28 is young for a goalie, he is actually getting into the prime of his career as historically goalies are at there best from 28-32 etc. I dont want Thornton on my team, he benefits from a good d, but Couna is better than most of those goalies you mentioned.

  14. Cindy Says:

    i’m team Danny, but congrats to Bouna, he’s been playing pretty well lately.

    why the Thornton hate emilio?

  15. lou Says:

    Bouna isn’t getting old for anyone who thinks that, as emilio said he is just coming into his prime as a keeper. Cepero on the other hand has quite a while until he reaches that point. Bouna has been better this season, but neither have played like ideal keeper choices. They both have been amazing and complete shit at times. For me cepero is the future and bouna is the present. If Cepero can learn from the keeper coach Des, bouna, and get some playing time behind bouna than he will continue to improve. He has loads of athletic ability, but that isn’t enough to be a good keeper in the mls.

    • Shawn M. Smith Says:

      I like this statement best. I do like Bouna, but he’s not the franchise keeper (a Kevin Hartmann or Matt Reis or Jon Busch type) that you can count on to deliver for seasons to come. I do think that Danny will be.

  16. emilio Says:

    Cindy the reason i mentioned Thorton is becuase I dont think he is a very good keeper, he just has a good defense in front of him with Chivas. The better the D the better the goalie looks, thats just the way it is. Goalkeeping is the least of our concerns.

    • Jason Says:

      Which is why I question the wisdom of spending $125k for Bouna. RBNY has bigger problems to address and the difference in quality between Bouna and Cepero is not worth $91k.

  17. emilio Says:

    Bouna at this point is considerably better.

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