A tough result for the Red Bulls, who were coming into Saturday’s match with optimism. However, the team will look to their two-game regular season homestand, starting off against FC Dallas next Saturday at 7:30 PM at Red Bull Arena, to get back to their winning ways. We caught up with head coach Hans Backe and forward Juan Pablo Angel after the match:

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  1. Matt Says:

    Poor performance. Ream was the only one who can walk away feeling like he had a good game. Starting to get a little concerned about our attack. Looks rather anemic.

    • Oh_yeah Says:

      They need an attacking midfielder. Joel Linpere is a good player, but he is not an attacking midfielder. You could also add the wingers are not the most accurate passer in the 18 yard box. As we all know, Dane Richard is a fast good athlete. He lacks soccer skills. Yes, we should be worried about the offense.

      • TSmith Says:

        They have da Luz, who has been injured I believe (?). He’s definitely an offensive minded midfielder judging from his college stats and success at Wake Forest (all time program leader in assists, no small feat considering the team went to the Final Four all 4 years he was there). His former teammates Ike Opara and Zack Schilawski had HUGE weekends this week for their respective clubs. RB has plenty of telented strikers, they just need a playmaker in the midfield to give them good feeds. I suspect we’ll see more of da Luz in the near future. And why Agudelo hasn’t been playing also baffles me. JPA, Agudelo and da Luz were our most potent offensive players in the preseason.

      • Oh_yeah Says:

        TSmith, I completely agree with your statement. They should be playing da Luz, and Agudelo. They are very offensive minded which RB needs right now to jump start their offense. I think that the coaching staff is so worry about defensive lapse they are forgetting the offensive element. If they are worried about defensive lapse, they should worry about Bouna Condoul.I did not know that da Luz was injured. I thought that they was not playing him because he was rattle by the defensive pressure, and that he did not play any defense. I thought that he was playing well during the preseason. I think that RB are making a major mistake not playing da Luz and Agudelo. In the midfield, he, da Luz is their best attacking midfielder bar none. Playing guys like Borman and Sanisa Ob before da Luz is a major mistake. They don’t have no attacking midfielder flair. They will not give good service to Angel like da Luz. They should look at other Wake Forrest rookies are doing in the league right now. The kid, da Luz, is ready to be a starter in MLS. He has the skills to be a starter.

  2. jspec Says:

    What an ugly display of the game. One team was jetlag, while the other sleepwalk. If I could remember any pass thought the air I could probably count it on one hand. Not one accurate pass. I hope next wk when I go to my first game they improve. This game was every reason why one can hate & show no respect to this league. I would have been upset had I paid a dime to watch. Sorry, but the truth hurts.

    • herzog Says:

      Listen Jspic, if you know so much about what good soccer is and that you can tell everyone the truth (since it hurts so much) then you’ds be able to tell that Tim Ream had an excellent match and every pass he made was pinpoint accurate. Take your Euro-snob opinions and save it for the EPL matches.

      Yes, it was a lousy game for both teams, but spare us your crap about this being an example of why people hate on the league. I’ve seen English Championship club matches that were worse and every league has great and lousy matches.

      If the redbulls were jetlagged then you disproved your own point. Enough with the garbage and either support the league and the club, or don’t. If you love the game and want it to grow in this country then you will, but they dont need to beg for your approval.

      • Tom Says:

        agree 100% herzog. Ream was excellent, kids got guts. We played poorly but we probably couldve easily gotten away with a draw. If bouna doesnt put that in then we dont stretch ourselves too thin and they dont get the second. Chalk it up to an off day, we move on. I still feel great about this bunch and will support till the final whistle. Here we go now rbny sound off.

  3. Adrian Says:

    I wanna see Salou and Agudelo starting up top. Especially if this continues. There will probably be a huge shakeup to the lineup for the US open cup qualifying game vs Philly on the 27th

  4. Jeff Says:

    Think this was expected although you would have hoped they would have played better. Playing 2 games on the west coast and flying home in between is probably not the best way to prep for the games (especially the 2nd one). Team definitely looked jetlagged. Not concerned…they’ll be back on track next week vs. FCD.

  5. jspec Says:

    Bite your tongue herdog. I was born & raise in Brooklyn, NY & quite proud of it. I am hardly a Soccer expert nor do I pretend to be one. So s**ck on your Europe snob comment. Yes Ream stood out on the pitch especially his service in the 10min. There is no way you can single one guy on a team & pretend that was a good match. No one has to be snob to flag bad soccer when u see it. I saw a bit of the Union/DC, some of Sounders/ RSL, Rev/ TFC, even last wk RB/Sounders match. But your can’t pretend that RB didn’t allow Chivas to bring the work of this match to something horrible. What’s with your hatred for Euro snob anyway? Anyone commenting on horrible soccer is a snob. Should I pretend that I was watching Barcs/ RM when I could have seen a better match in Central/Prospect Park? I want this league to survive as much as anyone but I’m sorry you MLS fandom is not your kingdom GerDog!!

  6. jspec Says:

    By way Ger-dogyou sound far more snobnitious than I good get pretend to be. you goat!

  7. Harry Says:

    I can’t figure this out, we beat Santos, Chicago and Seattle. We play Chivas that has lost both of their first two games and we lose to this team? How come we perform against tough teams and then lose to a team that is strugging? Very bizzare if you ask me?

  8. BC-Sec130 Says:

    I agree with both JSPEC & HERZOG, this game sucked!! No life at all. Angel looked tired (but I know he will come around). We have no one who can score if he does not improve. Herzog your right about Ream, He should be playing for our national team soon! Keep up the talk boys, I love the comments. Hay, jspec why is the Dallas game only your first?

  9. jspec Says:

    When has the Metro/RB ever gave a reason for me to spend little $$$ that I have to trek from BK to Meadowlands? I’ve watched mostly on TV over the yrs.

    Plus over the yrs they have done nothing until this yr to reach out to a Caribbean Soccer loving Community. This year they have put up a billboard or two in Brooklyn, & on transit bus. There is a league in NYC that’s made up of nationals from the English speak island that get’s a good turn out for Sunday matches. Check today’s Daily News story on the Haiti team. There are teams that represents every island. There focus seems to be solely on Europe & So. America fans. The best thing they can do now is bring in a few of the Caribbean national teams for a friendly or reserve match at some point. I think they would be pleasantly surprise at a pocket of potential new fans in the area once they come to the new arena. I know they have Dane Richards on the team from Jamaica, but have they ever sent him out to the Community? If they have I haven’t heard of it. Maybe they are leaving that fan base for the NYC2 team they talk about. I don’t know, maybe you have some ideas??

    • BlancdaBody Says:

      I live in the Bronx and I understand what you’re saying. We have plenty of Carribean and Mexican soccer fans out here that need some connection to the team.

      However, I feel this where we (as supporters) should step in and do our part. Introduce friends, neighbors, etc to the Club.

      You say that Red Bull hasn’t done anything to get you to spend money “to make the trek out to the meadowlands”.

      — How about building the Cathedral of Football right in out backyard? Hey, you don’t even have to go the meadowlands to see it.

      • Cubillas Says:

        I can understand everyone’s frustration since we are here to support our team and we want to see them succeed but we can’t allow a performance like the one we gave against Chivas jet lagged or not. We need to build consistency so once we set the bar at a level the team should not allow to dip below it no matter what.
        I would like to see DVB back only because we have no other viable option out there. Maybe I’m wrong but if we can’t give our forwards any service then we can’t transition from defending into attack mode. Can we use Da Luz or Garcia as an option for that role?
        I liked the Robo and Lindpere combo in midfield because it allowed Lindpere to move into an attacking midfield role but we will have to wait till Robinson heals. Who can we use instead until he gets better?
        One last thing, can someone please teach some tactical plays so Dane can use his speed effectively or maybe move him into a more central role up front like I believe someone suggested.

  10. adrian Says:

    Hall played decent offensively but his defense was horrible this season. Hope Albright starts soon

  11. Bob Says:

    condoul’s lapse/goal was shocking, just shocking. He should see the team doctor and get checked out…I’m not trying to be cruel, but to react that badly, he should check calcium and his potassium levels. On the bright side did you see the union keeper flub his punt, now that was funny.

  12. walter Says:

    Horrible game, we do have potential though. We need to stay focused for our next game which is at our home the 17th. (next Saturday at RedBull Arena)

  13. Dario Says:

    We will have real reason to complain if the next game is a repeat. Which I doubt it will be…a win next week and we all will forget about this one.

    Come on Red Bulls.!

    Ream is a beast, it is a bit early but, perhaps the future of the U.S. NT.

  14. soccer lou Says:

    bad game to watch very slugish they had so much going the first two weeks it was crazy now i think they can actually sit down and take a good look at what works and what does not ther are still issues here too many strikers not enogh MF to feed them
    maybe Henry is not such a good idea after all
    Luke Rogers please!!!!!
    hey it’s time to let the young guys get in (Daluz, Garcia) im not saying they have to start but hey what about you have to give them minutes
    enogh of 90 minutes of Richards and Sinisia if they are having a bad game
    let the kids play that’s all im saying…….

  15. BC-Sec130 Says:

    This week will show if we are a different team from last year, we only have 2 goals in 3 games. So how much better from last year are we really? If we can bounce back and score 3 goals & win the game, I’m a believer! Either way I’ll be there all season!!

  16. Matt Says:

    Love the way Backe says “Bewwwna”.

  17. Apass9 Says:

    Angel needs to start putting the ball in the net the team looked slow and tired the whole time and there was so sense of urgency late in the game when they were down by one hope this loss dosent start a repeat of last year

  18. rbfan Says:

    guys its early in the season, i went to seattles forums after we beat them and they were saying the same things we are after just one loss. “Oh lets change the line up.” “Oh our offense sucks” come off it guys its just one game, the red bulls haven’t played this bad even during pre-season so just let it be, every team has off nights and that goes for youth teams all the way up to the pros, sh*t happens.

  19. britton Says:

    stick a decent a-mid in the middle, let Hall play right mid, let sassano play RB, and things will be much better.

  20. emilio Says:

    Hall is not the answer in midfield, he is very very limited offensively.

    • Adrian Says:

      If hall can’t play right mid then he needs to ride the bench. He’s getting killed at right back

      • emilio Says:

        he is playing right back because Albright is still on the injured list and the team wasnt able to sign Jaager, when Albright is back he will be back on the pine.

  21. Scott Says:

    We need a new RB. Hall is terrible defensively. He is a weak link and every team we have played has been beating up on him. His attacking skill does not make up for him getting beat defensively.

    Also Angel missed a goal scoring opportunity when Thorton dropped the ball behind his back but Angel was already sighing and cursing his luck because he thought Thorton had caught the ball. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Angel his opportunities because of these emotional outbursts.

    When Bouna let in the goal it was because he was having an emotional outburst because he thought they had already scored and gave up on the play. Backe needs to seriously train this team to keep playing for the entire 90 minutes.

  22. emilio Says:

    Angel gets very frustrated easily, last year he had the same problem, he needs some fire under him, he hasnt been good for a long time now.

  23. Apass9 Says:

    Our answer is thierry Henry hopefully the red bulls sign him after the world cup

  24. emilio Says:

    It appears that Luke Rodgers will join us this week and possibly a left winger that the team is in negotiations with. Its almost a done deal that Wolyniec will be released and Goldtwaite, Sassano and either Boyens or Mendes in order to comply with the roster limits.

  25. big t Says:

    I think we should give minutes to the rookies garcia or da luz will have a great impact on the team i just know it garcia is very creative and fun to watch i know he will be a good sourse to have in the midfield….uci star will shine again

  26. soccer lou Says:

    Luke Rogers come on now!!!!!!!
    what it this another striker it doesn’t make any sense
    if the need it’s at MF why another striker
    unless he’s ready(Backe) to give sometime to the rooks
    if that’s the case what about some substitutions
    have you guys notice that they barelly used them i mean i’m
    sure they could have use one the kids last saturday
    once again Rogers make no sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………

  27. emilio Says:

    We have 2 goals in 3 games, why doesnt Rodgers make sense? We need a fighter up top because Angel isnt providing that, we need a sparkplug up top. Whats wrong with upgrading the talent?

    • soccer lou Says:

      Maybe they all got together to have a bad game and ur right 2 goals on 3 games but i bet u right now you have never seeing him (Rodgers) play
      and you don’t know how good is he notice this he have been playing in england 4th division and even there he did not set the 4th division on fire
      nor was he scoring in bunches . What i’m saying is this :
      Is he an better than what we have now?
      Dont you think if that was the case to improve the talent Henry would be a better fit? hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      and the need is at MF not up front
      Also that can only mean that the team has giving up on the strikers that they alredy have therefor they have to sign another one . explanation please!!!!!!!!!!!

      • soccer lou Says:

        And if your going to use lindpere as an example
        lindpere is younger and was playing in scandinavia
        the equivalent of siberia in soccer terms
        what im saying is where lindpere play there was really
        not much coverage he definetly slip to the cracks
        but (Rodges) has been playing in england and if he was any good
        he would have at least play in a better division than the 4th
        all we know about him is that he like’s to party a lot

  28. emilio Says:

    No ive never seen him play but what we had last year gave us 5 wins, from the characteristics people say he has he provides a dimension we are lacking with our forwards, Rodgers isnt coming in to be a star, if Backe sees something in him that can help us Im confident Backe knows football. They also realize we need another midfielder, supposedly we are closing to acquiring one. Im sad to see Wolyniec go but we have too many target type forwards, we need a shifty player with pace to compliment a target forward.

  29. emilio Says:

    Henry isnt coming now, and we dont know if he is coming later, thats all speculation, we cant just stand pat and assume Henry is coming just cause we want him to come. And if he does come he isnt going to set the world on fire by himself, he isnt the player he used to be and he needs other capable players around him in order for him to produce, anything that is in upgrade in talent is a positive, based on what we have now I think Rodgers would be an upgrade over Wolyniec.

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