The club announced today that Jeff Agoos will serve as the team’s new Director of Scouting and Player Recruitment.  Agoos will help oversee domestic and international player scouting for the club.

“Jeff has an extensive knowledge of the American soccer landscape and we think that he brings a lot of experience to the table,” said Red Bull New York Sporting Director and General Manager Erik Soler. “We expect that Jeff will help us build the top scouting department in MLS.”


  1. Matt Says:

    How this guy keeps getting rewarded for failure is beyond me. Baaadddd decision.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Player recruitment? Unbelievable!

  3. Karbaz Says:

    Because he did such a great job with his player suggestions under JCO.

  4. Agoof Says:

    Hopefully he can find more gems like Walter Garcia and Leo Krupnik.

  5. lou Says:

    yikes. not so sure about this move.

  6. JonathanW28 Says:

    Nooooo! Not again! Coach Juan took the fall for this guy last year; who’s next? Erik needs to get JPA some supporting talent so we can get back to the championship!

  7. britton Says:

    director of scouting and player development.

    as if to say “urinal scrubber”

    i have a feeling he will be nowhere near this team

  8. Dario Says:


  9. emilio Says:

    Coach Juan took the fall? Osorio was the worst coach in team history and he is the one who brought in the players, Agoos problem was letting Osorio run the show.

  10. Alle Says:

    Please tell me this is a joke…

    The additions of Soler and Backe were supposed to be a sign of a NEW era at the club, but Agoos in charge of scouting AND recruiting? Come on, I’d rather see a Scandinavian amateur at that post! We just had a bad season under this guy and we’re going in the wrong direction once again? First major mistake of 2010, what next? Agoos for manager in 2012? I sure hope not! They could’ve given someone else the recruiting job, what a disgrace. You were better off hiring one of the fans really.

  11. Cindy Says:

    i feel like this is a fake job for the guy.

  12. Tim F. Says:

    The Red Bulls have drafted well of late. If Agoos has been involved in these selections, I’m glad he is sticking around.

  13. Tim F. Says:

    Need to improve on veteran player acquisitions. Juan Pablo Angel was great but many other recent players brought into the club have not done well.

  14. ted Says:

    Considering Agoos past years – Pack up Agoos and rest of his boys (I guess Montgomery is still with Red Bulls – with developmental academy) and ship them to Bruce.

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