(Photo credit: Major League Soccer)

Major League Soccer today unveiled its newly redesigned MLS Cup trophy, named The Philip F. Anschutz Trophy.  New York Red Bull Sporting Director Jeff Agoos, the only five-time MLS Cup winner, helped unveil the new trophy.  In RBR’s opinion, its about time the MLS Cup is ACTUALLY a cup!!  What are your thoughts?

(so as to not be a jinx, we have removed the originally posted photo)

From the official MLS release:
The new sterling silver trophy, created by Tiffany & Co., was unveiled at a Wednesday morning ceremony at the jeweler’s New York flagship store on Fifth Avenue. Tiffany & Co. has designed and crafted the Major League Soccer Trophy since 1999.

The Philip F. Anschutz championship trophy is 24″ tall with an additional seamless base of 4 5/8″. The trophy features fluid and dynamic handles that include 11 facets on the front and back, symbolizing the 22 players that participate in a soccer match. The gold star represents the championship club, which often incorporates a star into its team crest for each MLS Cup title it wins. The new trophy inherits select design elements from the previous two trophies, thereby honoring the League’s history while moving forward. The bottom of the Philip F. Anschutz trophy features a map of North America, with a star identifying the location of each MLS market.



  1. kpugs Says:

    I actually think it’s awesome, but for obvious reasons Goos is DC Scum and will always be, despite my personal soft spot for him. He has rings. 😦

  2. Head Hunter Says:

    Ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t care how much it’s worth. Who the hell decided to overlap the handle over the front?!?!?

  3. Mentz Says:

    VERY NICE! How much!?

  4. Dave Martinez Says:

    I love the trophy . . . but please, get rid of the picture. In the sports world, many of us believe in the “jinx” theory, and this qualifies.


    Great job with the blog, as always.

  5. Anthony. S Says:

    WOW now that’s a cup! Well I also agree its about time that the MLS cup is actually a cup! Let’s hope we can win that this year.

  6. Viragiste Says:

    Is it white gold ?

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