Heading into today’s match with the Kansas City Wizards, the Red Bulls know that earning all three points guarantees them at least second place in the Eastern Conference and a spot in the playoffs.  Kansas City is clinging to its postseason hopes and the Wizards have to be thinking three points or bust as their playoff hopes are beginning to dwindle.  The match is on MSG Plus tonight, so be sure to tune in if you are not already coming to the match (but set your DVRs anyway so you can go back and watch the match again when you get home!).  Running commentary after the jump.New York Red Bulls:






Subs: Sutton, Petke, Ibrahim, Ubiparipovic, Robinson, Borman, Tchani

Kansas City Wizards:





Subs: Kronberg, Myers, Leathers, Jewsbury, Zusi, Diop, Besler


NOTE: Rafa Marquez is a late scratch after failing the pre-match fitness test. Tony Tchani will replace him in the lineup vs. KC

1′ And we’re off…

1′ Marquez is out with a left knee contusion.  Chinn takes the spot on the bench

3′ Lindpere almost chips Nielsen after a poor clearance from the KC keeper.

6′ GOAL NY!!  After a KC defender failed to control the ball deep in his own end, Richards dispossesses him and curls the left footed shot part Nielsen. 1-0 NY!

8′ Lindpere sends in a cross that Angel nods wide.

10′ Wolff gets on the end of a Kamara cross, but its wide.

13′ Wolff slides one into the area to Kamara, but Miller breaks up the play.

15′ Ream with a giveaway deep, but Bunbury puts it wide.

22′ Bunbury with a turnaround shot at the top of the area.  Coundoul dives to his left to snare it.

23′ Miller gets called for a handball outside the 18, dangerous free kick coming for KC.

24′ Kamara puts it into the wall.

25′ Wolff and Kamara have switched sides of the field.

27′ Kamara with a left footed low liner that Coundoul is able to corral.

36′ Henry gets the ball to Angel in the area, and he gets off a blast that Nielsen is able to parry away.

38′ Yellow to Miller for persistent infringement.

40′ Bouna comes WAY off his line to diffuse a threat.

41′ Angel sends in a dangerous ball that Henry can’t get on frame.

45+’ Tchani frees Richards on the right, but his shot slides just wide.

HALFTIME: NY leads 1-0 behind a sixth minute goal from Dane Richards.

46′ And we’re back. No changes for either side.

46′ Yellow to Mendes for a foul on Bunbury just outside the area.

47′ On the restart, Kamara puts it off the woodwork!

49′ Angel beats the defender to a 50/50 at the top of the area and goes down, but no foul is called.

50′ Wolff puts in a low shot that Coundoul saves.

54′ Yellow to Ballouchy

56′ Bunbury intercepts an Albright pass, but Coundoul smothers his shot.

56′ Richards finds himself alone, but puts it off the post.

58′ Coundoul comes off his line to break up TWO scoring chances.  BOUNA TIME!!

64′ Henry puts one wide after getting an open look from an Angel feed.

71′ Tonight’s attendance: 24,799.

71′ KC sub: Jewsbury for Rocastle.

74′ NY sub: Robinson for Henry.

76′ Jewsbury with a blast from range that Coundoul has to parry over.

83′ KC sub: Diop for Auvray.

84′ Bunbury deflects one over the top.

86′ NY sub: Petke for Miller.

88′ KC sub: Myers for Thomas.

90′ 4 minutes of stoppage.

90+’ Coundoul sprawls to snare Diop’s shot.

90+’ Free kick coming for KC.  This could be it.

90+’ Coundoul gets to Wolff’s sliding shot.

FINAL! 1-0 NYThe Red Bulls are now in 1st place in the Eastern Conference (tie in Columbus) and have clinched a playoff spot!


  1. Starks in Tampa Says:

    lets get a win…

  2. david Says:

    lets go bulls!

  3. jmp Says:

    HT. Not pretty, but a goal up is nice 🙂 Dominated midfield the first 10-15 – after that Kansas started to create a decent amount of chances.. Gonna be difficult, i think we need one more goal.

  4. jmp Says:

    At some point….soon…I would like us to switch to one striker, with a an attacking midfielder (Ballouchy) linking up play. Robbo would be nice in CM, we need to dominate the midfield, otherwise they are going to score.

  5. karbaz Says:

    Top of the table top of the table YES!!!!

    With that being said, some of our passing was atrocious, we gave up possession way to often and way to close to our box, it’s just unacceptable and we will not get away with that during the playoffs.

    Important win for us but “Clever” Hans Backe should not be pleased with our passing game.

    • jmp Says:

      I think clever hans will be very very pleased. the passing game was maybe not at par, but defending the lead, and getting an “ugly” win – great! Kansas did well, put a lot of pressure on our defence ,and to be fair would have scored a goal if it werent for Bounas shot stopping skills.

      • karbaz Says:

        Not on par? if it wasn’t for our passing Bouna wouldn’t have needed to make so many great saves, Tchani, Ballouchy, and Albright, were particularly woeful at passing the ball, it bordered on amateur sunday league type of passing.

        For a coach who loves possession I’m sure he would not be pleased with how much we gave KC a chance to steal this game.

      • jmp Says:

        karbaz… lost in translation….
        i agree.. some of tonights passing was very bad – and dangerous (We will be punished in the playoffs with sloppy passing), but what i ment was that Backe was happy to get the points – all good teams perform substandard at times. Kansans performed very well,

  6. jmp Says:

    Fantastic result. Bouna was great, and we protected the lead pretty good. Kansas fought good. wow, 1st in the east.. wow..

  7. Dario Says:

    1st place, top of the table…we did it!!!!

    Bouna Time, the whole team…good job. Tchani was also amazing.

    IMO, if we beat RSL at home next week, we will 99% win the east.

    • emilio Says:

      I like Tchani and he has been very good of late, but this was one of his least effective games, he turned it over in the middle of the park a few times. He did make a killer pass to free Richards on the shot that hit the post.

  8. david Says:

    bouna and richards and the D was great in a game we were giveing shots taken at us

  9. karbaz Says:

    Hans Backe

    “Bouna saved us, I’m not sure we deserved this win”

    Quote right after the game.

    • Chan Says:

      I’m glad he said that. As usual Hans makes an honest appraisal. Compared to the last few games, the passing was inaccurate and near disastrous on some occasions (thanks to Bouna for saving our butts). If Rafa is back next week, we should do much better.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      I love Han’s honesty it is great to hear.

  10. karbaz Says:

    Congrats to Bouna for breaking Tony Meola’s shutout record. Those were some big shoes to fill but your doing just fine.

  11. Sebas Says:

    Too sloppy… If we play like this against RSL we should expect to get thumped.

    But at the end of the day a win is a win! Got give my props to Bouna he was the man despite making some questionable decisons.

    LETS GO NYRB!!!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY UP!!!

  12. Dario Says:

    We should have done a better job finishing off the game,

    we should have scored at least 2 if not 3 goals. We must do better v. RSL.

    That game will be described with one word: EPIC!!

  13. Emilio Lopez Says:

    Marquez was missed today, we were sloppy with our passing. Bouna is big time!!

  14. jmp Says:

    I have read some of the posts on both Metrofanatic & big soccer forum nyrb. Some of the posters are dissapointed in tonights performance….. WAKE UP! THIS IS SOCCER. (ps! top of eastern conf.. last year the laughing stock) The league season is long, and its all about getting wins. All top teams perform substandard at times, but they grind out results because they are strong. Some fans just dont get it yet….

    • bryan Says:

      i agree it was a ugly win…. but a win…. sometimes this is how teams win in the playoffs ugly….. once again the midfield was somewhat lost without rafa HOWEVER unlike previous games when he was not in the line the team was not awefull….. just shows the addition of oooch in the middle when rafa isnt with the team helps… altho ooch had probally his worst game since joining the bulls…

  15. bryan Says:

    they are talking about resting people and this and that… ummmm i dont know about the people on MSG covering the game but i am not resting anyone untill they say the redbulls have no chance at securing the number one seed in the east…. because staying at home and playing the crew is alot better then going to columbus and playing the crew….. if it comes to that….. and hans knows this….. salt lake comes to town…. BIG game….

  16. Catherine Says:

    Good result but quite lucky really. The passing was awful – too many long ball passes. Short, one touch, pass and move is needed – okay it’s the Barcelona way but it works!!

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