The team released this statement on head coach Hans Backe today:

“After consulting with Red Bulls Team Internist, Michael Farber, MD and other medical specialists, Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe decided to undergo a minimally invasive procedure Monday evening to remove his gallbladder after being diagnosed with cholecystitis.  The surgery was successful, and Hans is now recovering and in good spirits. The medical team is confident that he will make a full recovery over the coming weeks. He will spend the next few days resting at home. In his absence, the squad will be managed by our experienced coaching staff. The club is confident that the coaching staff will help continue the team’s strong start to the 2010 MLS season.”

Unclear if he’ll be on the sidelines this Saturday but we’ll keep you posted. Feel free to put your well wishes to the coach in the Comments section.



  1. rbnwhy Says:

    Feel better Hans. You should be Backe on the sidelines in no time.

  2. Ted Sheckler Says:

    Get well coach! You’ve done a great job so far.

  3. kahlva Says:

    All the best coach! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Christian Alberto Ledesma Says:

    Feel better, Coach! NY needs you strong, so enjoy your rest. The season is looking great thanks to your direction.

  5. Gideon nwaoha Says:

    Good day sir,
    please sir i want to join the red bull team

  6. gigi Says:

    Get well soon Hans, who needs a gallbladder anyways.

  7. Devil500 Says:

    Get better Hans!!!

  8. Mr. Fish Says:

    Get well soon, coach!

  9. Gideon nwaoha Says:

    the red bull football team

  10. Erin Says:

    Feel better soon, coach! In Backe We trust!

  11. Norm Says:

    Speedy recovery to you Mr. Backe. I’m sure you will be fine.

  12. Alle Says:

    Get better, Hans!

  13. Mike from linden Says:

    Get Well Soon Mr. Backe! Your a great manager!

  14. eltigreferoz Says:

    Best wishes, Hans! Hope to see you back on the pitch Saturday.

  15. Tim F. Says:

    Get well soon Hans!

  16. jevanvoo Says:

    Feel better soon! We’re so happy to have you coach for us

  17. Danny Says:

    Get well soon coach…We need you Backe soon

  18. Queens_RBNY_Fan Says:

    Feel better Hans! No more Fatty foods like Ostkaka 😦

  19. j1mbr0wn Says:

    Get well soon, coach. You are much appreciated, and we can’t wait for your return.

  20. Oh_yeah Says:

    Coach, get well.

  21. Martin Says:

    Hej Hans! Krya på dig! Hoppas du mår bättre snart och kan fortsätta ditt fantastiska arbete med vårt lag!

  22. pam Says:

    could it be another curse on the new york team when our first good coach gets ill immediately after the season starts … or just a coincidence? Either way, get better soon Coach Backe. We are very happy to have you with us –

  23. Chan Says:

    Get well soon, coach!

  24. lowellfield Says:

    Hope Mr. Backe is back at it soon.

  25. Domingos Oliveira Says:

    Wishing you all the best in your recovery. We will be missing you in the case you cannot make it out there for the next game.

    All the best,

  26. Simon Says:

    get well soon Hans

  27. David & Elvira High Says:

    Weiterhin gute Besserung. Wir sind stolz auf Sie und unser Team. Our prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery!

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    […] *Thanks to RBR for the 411. […]

  29. Ted E. Says:

    Krya på dig!

  30. Hans Backe is Healing… « The New Colossus Says:

    […] ole Red Bulls Reader released this fabulous tidbit of news for Red Bulls fans. “After consulting with Red Bulls Team Internist, Michael Farber, MD and other […]

  31. cdrcgr Says:

    Mr. Backe, best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  32. cb Says:

    Wishing you good health and a fast recovery, Coach Backe.

  33. christian Says:

    any word on salou?

  34. gigi Says:

    you can tell how much us fans respect hans with the amount of comments so far, if this was JCO in the hospital last year…..we would have just hoped it was us that put him there.

  35. NYC Sports Fan Says:

    Easy does it Coach and take care of yourself. Thank you for bringing a new mentality to the Red Bulls and their fans. I look forward to seeing you on the sidelines soon.

  36. Karbaz Says:

    Get well soon Coach Backe.

  37. Cindy Says:

    get well soon Coach! best wishes are with you

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