Dane Richards tallied the Red Bulls' goal (RBNY)

ALICANTE, SPAIN– The New York Red Bulls played their first match of the 2010 preseason against CSKA Moscow at a wet Campoamour Resort in Alicante, Spain. It was the first match under the direction of new head coach Hans Backe, and the club performed well, playing to a 1-1 draw against the Russian UEFA Champions League side.

Red Bulls midfielder Dane Richards scored the first goal of the 2010 season just six minutes into the match when he took control of a misplayed ball by the CSKA backline and sprinted in alone and beat goalkeeper Chepchugov with a low shot to the left side. Red Bulls captain Juan Pablo Angel took a pass from rookie midfielder Austin da Luz and turned and fired a diagonal ball from 30 yards out at the CSKA defense that was controlled by Stoliarenko, but his back pass was intercepted by Richards.

“It was a good game for us,” said Backe. “They are a real high profile team. I am very happy with our performance and our defending. Overall, it was a good match. We’ve only practiced for 8-10 sessions. Our defense was excellent. You have to be good defending to survive.”

“It’s the beginning of the exercises we’re doing here,” said Red Bulls captain Juan Pablo Angel. “It was nice to get a match against a good side. (Hans) had been focusing mainly on the shape of the team. I think we did an excellent job. The things that he told us to do, I think we did exceptionally well. There is still work to be done. But, overall I am pleased with our performance and the shape of the team.”

The Red Bulls had a number of other chances in the opening 45 minutes, including two corner kick opportunities in the 17th and 18th minutes and a Conor Chinn tally that was ruled offsides.

The Red Bulls made six substitutions to start the second half. CSKA came out quickly pressuring the Red Bulls back line and finally put one through when Zabolotniy sent in a left side cross that Tomas Necid handled and fired at trialist goalkeeper Bill Gaudette. Gaudette made the save on the shot from just two yards out, but Necid cleaned up the rebound to level the match at 1-1 in the 49th minute.

Richards, who was subbed back in the 67th minute for Angel, had a chance to give New York the victory with five minutes remaining when he split the midfield and sent a pass wide left  to Jeremy Hall. Hall gathered the ball and sent it back to Richards in the middle. But, Richards’ shot sailed over the crossbar from inside the area.

CSKA pressured New York in the second half, sending a number of shots in, but Gaudette was up to the task as the match finished in a draw.

New York is back in action on Wednesday at La Manga, when it faces Polish side Lech Poznan.

New York Red Bulls 1, CSKA Moscow 1
January 25, 2009 – Copamor Resort, Alicante, Spain

Scoring Summary:
RBNY: Dane Richards 1, 6’
CSKA: Tomas Necid 49’

Disciplinary Summary:

New York Red Bulls: Danny Cepero (Bill Gaudette 46’), Danleigh Borman, Tim Ream, Mike Petke (Andrew Boyens 46’), Fredrik Jonsson (Carlos Johnson 46’), Austin da Luz (Jeremy Hall, 46’), Ernst Oebster (Walter Garcia 46’), Sinisa Ubiparipovic, Dane Richards (Irving Garcia 46’), Conor Chinn, Juan Pablo Angel (Dane Richards 67’).

CSKA Moscow: Sergey Chepchugov (Artur Nigmatullin, 46), Alexei Berezutski, Kiril Nababkin, Deividas Semberas, Pavel Mamaev, (Evgeni Aldonin, 46), Elver Rahimic, Jabateh Oliseh Sekou, Nika Dzalamidze, (Anton Zabolotny , 46), Aleksandr Stoliarenko, Gusmao Milhomem Guilherme (Tomas Necid, 46), Dmitry Ryzhov.

Referee: Marlinez Suarez

Referee’s Assistants: Lopez Aguliar

Weather: 55 degrees and rain



  1. Draw With CSKA Moscow Gives First Glimpse Of 2010 Red Bulls - - The Offside - New York Red Bulls Soccer Blog Says:

    […] UPDATE: RBR just posted a complete report of the game, and oh my, does it seem to ring positively. Check it … […]

  2. C. Says:

    How about some video of the game?

  3. eltigreferoz Says:

    Good draw, guys!

  4. Starks in Tampa Says:

    you know what a 1-1 draw against CSKA Moscow is a very good performance, we have to be happy espacially with what Angel said regarding Hans Backe told them to do and how they listened to him. I really have a good feeling about RBNY this coming year, we need a playmaking Midfielder for sure to feed Angel, it will be too much to expect Da Luz to be that type of player in his rookie year. I am also hopeful Tchani turns out to be a big part of this team again he too being a rookie.

  5. jason Says:

    ccrraapp robinio is goiing to santos for a loan and we gonna get our ass handed to us the opening day vs santos

  6. RBNY fan Says:

    Is Tchani hurt?

  7. Petke Fan Says:

    Tchani is in Virginia at school, but it would be good to know why (cough).

    Great video, thanks for the updates!

  8. Starks in Tampa Says:

    Tchani is still in school in Virginia????

  9. emilio Says:

    It could be a passport issue, I dont see him finishing up school and reporting later, he was in NY training with the club after the draft.

    It appears that the Red Bulls have signed Estonian international midfielder Joel Lindpere. He played for Tromso in Norway for the last 3 years, appearing in 75 matches, 5 goals. A few years ago Ipswich, and Wolves were interested in signing him.

  10. Martin (Estonia) Says:

    Lindpere is good, trust me. Hope that you`ll be happy to have him in your team…

  11. emilio Says:

    Martin, what are his main strenghts as a player?

    • lou Says:

      looks like his crossing, possibly even his vision as well. There’s a video of him on youtube, i’m warning you though, it’s quite underwhelming.

  12. Alle Says:

    We need a good crosser anyway so this would be good news if he did arrive!

  13. Martin (Estonia) Says:

    …good speed, technique, the way he sees the ground, self-confidence, arrogance in the game etc. His only remarkable weakness is his left foot.

  14. Martin (Estonia) Says:

    Sorry guys, i was in two forums at the same time so i mixed the ends of both posts…. Lindpere has no remarkable weaknesses.
    It happens 🙂

  15. emilio Says:

    I like that the team is addressing player acquisitions early in the pre-season, ie. Miller, Lindpere rather than wait till the season has started or is about to start.

  16. Matt Says:

    petke says on Twitter that Tchani’s absence is due to visa issues.

  17. Pico Says:

    Taking bets on who is cut from this team before the season starts. So far Soler and Backe have brought in Jonson, Miller, Lindpere, plus they have offers for German keeper Nikolov and Agudelo.


  18. kahlva Says:

    Haven’t seen any info on Miller – what happened to him? Is he held up by something?

  19. Willmore Says:

    I wouldn’t get too excited about a 1-1 draw. 7 starters were not playing for CSKA. The only goal was scored because of a mistake by a 19 year old who was playing his first game ever as a defender.

  20. emilio Says:

    Take it easy,that was the CSKA Moscow first team, some of the players that started are new acquistions and are projected as starters, what CSKA lined up was their first team, with some bench players, the same came be said for NY. Take it for what it is a pre-season draw, and lets not discredit it by making up things that arent, that was CSKA’s first team, and numerous national team players at that.

  21. b Says:

    no way

    theyr in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE

  22. Anton Says:

    Willmore was absolutely right about the CSKA squad. So don’t get too excited about the result 🙂 Both the goalies, Dzalamidze, and Stoliarenko are all teenagers, and that games was the first ever for CSKA for them all. Ryzhov, Sekou, Rahimic, and Zabolotny are all from the reserves. Anyway I think that it was a good result for the RB.

  23. emilio Says:

    It appears that Eintract Frankfurt goalkeeper Oka Nikolov will be Red Bull’s next signing. He has appeared in over 300 league matches with the German club. From reading press reports from Germany the teams director says that he did not accept the clubs offer to renew his contract for two more years, and if he wants to leave the club to join NY by the start of the MLS season he needs to negotiate with the club and see if they can come to an aggreement. I guess Soler and Backe did not like what they saw in the footage of the goalkeeper play last year.

  24. Willmore Says:

    If anyone is interested, CSKA’s web-site has the videos of the goals.

  25. Alle Says:

    It’s an outrage really! This is clearly a retirement move and I’m sure he’ll only stay for a year before saying goodbye. Bouna doesn’t deserve that, he was a beast last year!

  26. emilio Says:

    I dont know about being a beast, goalies play late into their 30’s look at Keller, Freidel, Canizares, Schmeicel etc. Nikolov can give us 3 good seasons, having played that many matches for a historic German side is pretty impressive, Bouna and Cepero have many aspects of there game they need to improve on, and based on what Soler and Bcke must have seen from reviewing last years matches they must feel an upgrade is needed, we were 5-19-6 and im happy that the team has options and is working on improving the club. No player was a beast on last years squad.

  27. Alle Says:

    But Bouna is quality, that’s what I’m saying. Sure, he had a bad start with a few mistakes but come on, why bring in an old keeper when we already have Cepero competing with him for first choice? We’re better off signing someone like Gaudette for the 3rd spot (or 2nd). I’ve seen Nikolov many times on tv (since the days when FSC actually showed Bundesliga matches on the tele), he’s not 5-star at all if that’s what you’re expecting.

    Like I said above, this is a ridiculous signing. If they went for someone like Rene Adler (which is unrealistic I know), I would totally understand but we have Bouna, let’s not waste money on keepers when we should be worrying about who’s going to score our goals next season (apart from Angel).

  28. Alle Says:

    I mean if they sign him*

  29. emilio Says:

    They must not be high on either Bouna or Cepero, thats evident. They will not keep all 3 keepers, either a trade or Cepero may be released.

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