Red Bulls at Chivas USA: A Final Look

With (another) two match week ahead for New York, let’s take a final look at the sights and sounds from the Red Bulls’ 0-0 draw away to Chivas USA at Home Depot Center on July 16, 2011.  We hear from Hans Backe, Thierry Henry, Tim Ream, and newly signed goalkeeper Frank Rost.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.

7 Responses to “Red Bulls at Chivas USA: A Final Look”

  1. irishapple21 Says:

    *sigh* The fans WANT to believe, you know.

  2. sos Says:

    Wow!! another tie. Absolutely sad.

  3. el Says:

    Great, we rested the first teamers in the cup, for yet another draw. 11 draws in 21 games, thats ridiculous.

  4. harry Says:

    Our team shirts have had more ties than I do. Well I do own a collection of ten shirts and eight ties. LOL

  5. Tim F. Says:

    I like Rost but I’m glad the team kept Coundoul as well. Get well soon Rafa, Luke, Jan and Teemu!

  6. Walter Says:

    Well said Tim, guys get better soon.

  7. Slayer Says:

    I am in Colorado for the game on Wednesday. With Casey out the vapids will be limping in. Let’s GO red bulls!!!

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