Red Bulls vs. DC United: A Final Look

New York retained the Atlantic Cup Saturday night, despite dropping a 1-0 decision to rival DC United at Red Bull Arena.  Let’s take a final look at the sights and sounds from the match, and get more reaction from Hans Backe and some players.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.

14 Responses to “Red Bulls vs. DC United: A Final Look”

  1. irishapple21 Says:

    I wish everyone on the team played with the heart of players like Ream and Lindpere

  2. o.s. Says:

    this loss hurts.

  3. Tim F. Says:

    It’s always tough to lose to DC; it’s especially tough to lose to DC at home; and with only two league wins since April, Saturday’s loss is really, really tough.

    That said, the team has the perfect opportunity to turn it around and advance further in the US Open Cup. Many fans want at least one piece of silverware this year; furthermore, the Open Cup brings with it a spot in the Concacaf Champions League which most fans also want the team to participate in. If you don’t start players like Henry, Rodgers and Lindpere, please have them on the bench ready to come in if a goal is needed. I hope you stream live this US Open cup game. Let’s go Red Bulls!!!

  4. el Says:

    From what is being reported only 14 players will be available for that game, with Ballouchy being the only regular. Thats a disgrace, as is the last round only 3 bench players. Why is Backe resting the players, this is a clear opportunity for a title, and the league form hasnt been good to say the least. So since he is resting them, a victory agaisnt Chivas needs to be a reality, will it, who knows? Chicago is supposedly starting their first team tonight while we will go with an entire reserve laden team, and only three players on the bench. Thats a disgrace. I dont know what to say.

  5. Anthony S Says:

    el, I couldn’t agree with you more about the USOC. It’s embarrassing to the fans that Backe should no interest in winning this cup. It’s a golden opportunity to advance and make this season somewhat successful…

  6. el Says:

    To whomever it may concern,

    Probably only the real fans. Thank You for embarassing OUR team. Thank You Mr. Backe,

  7. el Says:

    If they dont win the MLS Cup the season will be a failure as the league form has been very poor and this disgraceful effort by management in the US Open Cup.

    One of the lowest moments in team history as our coach and gm told us they could care less.

  8. el Says:

    ESC needs to have something up on the next home game about this.

  9. JJ Says:

    I don’t understand the complete lack of interest in the US Open Cup. You don’t send a complete squad, you play the second/third string and the coach and the assistant coach can’t even be bothered to go to Chicago. This is another shameful display by the team, once again showing a lack of respect for the long term and dedicated fans.

    What are you saving the players and the coaches for?
    The team certainly isn’t going to win the supporters shield this year (the stated goal of the coach at the beginning of the year); so, why not try to win something. This competition should be part of the job as well. The team would instead rather participate in the psuedo competition called the Emirates Cup. (I am sure Hans won’t be staying in New York for that one.)

  10. Greg Says:

    I am a new fan this year. I started casually following Red Bull when they signed Henry. I liked it so much, I then went so far as to buy a season ticket package for this season. I am thoroughly disappointed now. What a let down this year has been. And, now the total lack of care over the Cup. Why not take this tournament seriously? You win 4 games, and you get into the Champions League. If you win that, FIFA World Club Cup. You field a third-string team to rest guys for a match in LA this weekend that you’re probably going to lose after some gaffe-prone or lackluster performance. You owe the fans more. I’m seriously re-considering my decision to care about this team and spend countless dollars on tickets and travel costs to NJ. We’ve been embarrassed yet again – 4-nil! Come on.

  11. Chan Says:

    It looks like Soccer by Ives is reporting that some of the RB fans went to Chicago for the OC game. It is a shame that management does not care for a good chance at a trophy (sorry, no one is counting the western conference championship trophy). I feel bad for the fans, and for our second string players do did their best in the situation (they should not have to be in that position). Between this embarrassment and that heartless performance against DC (excepting Ream and Lindpere), the management is not putting together a product that 22K+ fans want to come and see.

  12. Slayer Says:

    Did you notice the attendance at the last open cup home match? There were more fc new York fans there. Why would management invest in the cup if the fans clearly don’t want to…just saying.

  13. Mourning in Bklyn Says:

    I believe that we will draw. I believe that we will draw. I believe that we will draw…

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