Red Bullls vs. Toronto FC: Preview

With a grueling road trip finally behind them, the Red Bulls return to Red Bull Arena to host Toronto FC Wednesday night.  We asked Hans Backe, Thierry Henry and Dane Richards for their thoughts on the match.  Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.

4 Responses to “Red Bullls vs. Toronto FC: Preview”

  1. Marcia Says:

    I have faith with Rodgers back and Lindpere showing some backbone we take Toronto 3-1 provided we find a new keeper!

  2. david Says:

    i hope the red bulls get a shutout and win this game today


  3. Anthony S Says:

    I’ll be at the game tonight lets get a win!

  4. gigi Says:

    There was a time when a red bulls game would fill me with joy the whole entire day, ive kinda lost that the past couple of months, inspire me at tonights match red bulls.

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