Red Bulls vs. FC New York: Post Match

Hans Backe, Corey Hertzog, John Rooney and Tim Ream speak following the Red Bulls 2-1 win over FC New York in a US Open Cup Third Round match at Red Bull Arena.  With the win, New York advances to the Quarterfinals and will play Chicago Fire at Toyota Park on July 12.  Share your thoughts on the match in the comments section.

18 Responses to “Red Bulls vs. FC New York: Post Match”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Why are Rooney and Herzog dancing in this video clip?

  2. bill sec 129 Says:

    How are we the fans suppose to take the US Open seroius when Red Bull does not! I’ve been to every game at the new stadium and I realize mistakes we’re going to happen last year but last night there were less than 3,000 fans and the lines for food were as if the stadium was sold out. Matches, like last night, I feel are for the die-hard fans and Red Bull should take care of us. What would have been the big deal to open up more food stations.
    It was nice to see our new “baby” Bulls step up! Good game Rooney & Herzog

  3. BillD Says:

    Haha that dancing is hilarious…the Red Bull Shuffle! …but really they are actually warming down on stationary bikes during their interviews. (Everybody now) Shaa Naa Naaa… Shaa Naa Na Na Na

  4. irishapple21 Says:

    I sure wish the Red Bulls organization wanted to win a trophy. I feel that the Red Bulls could handily win the US Open Cup if we put out our starting XI for the quarterfinals onward. For heavens’ sake, a Champions League berth goes to the winner. That is fantastic exposure for the Red Bull brand, don’t you think? Make it so!

  5. el Says:

    It would be nice if they tried to win, I would incorporate 3 or 4 starters into the lineup to try and get a result in Chicago. If they were to go through I would than make it a priority in the semi final round. I was impressed with Marcos Paullo and with Hertzog, they both look promising, particularly Marcos Paullo his movement is very good and he has a good shot and technical ability. Also, Jones seems like a good find as an outside back, good size and relative speed for that position.

  6. JJ Says:

    I was particularly troubled by the fact that there were only two subs on the bench (other than the back up keeper). At least have the full complement on the bench. Does it really hurt our league effort to have one or two starters on the bench?

    • el Says:

      I agree 100%, they should have had the full compliment of reserves on the bench, in case they needed to make a sub to help win the game. The team owes it to the fans to go for the win, whether it be putting Richards in the last 20 minutes or Balloucy etc. Three bench players is a sign of limited interest. I really hope being there are only 8 teams, left that the team takes it more seriously, it is on Hans Backe.

  7. nanopapasote Says:

    Backe shows no interest in winning this cup, he has said so himself. He does not want to risk any starters on this cup, because he feels the Emirates Cup at the end of July, is of more importance. I guess in his mind, an invitational pre-season (for the other competing teams) is of more importance, than trying to get a Concacaf Champions League berth, by winning the US Open Cup. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve just about had it with Backe, he is not the right coach for this team. We have a quality team, but it takes a quality coach to get silverware, league, cup, or any other.

    • el Says:

      I think he is a quality coach, however I do agree he should take the Cup seriously and realize the Emirates Cup is just an exhibition series of matches that are meaningless.

      • nanopapasote Says:

        If that is what you want to believe el, then that’s fine, but let’s face the fact that this team is being built to be a championship team, but they sure don’t play like one. If it wasn’t for the individual efforts of some of our guys we would NOT be sitting in second position of the eastern conference. The tactics employ by the coach are frustrating to say the least, and his lack of “guts” when making, or having to make substitutions, is all proof of his “quality”. We can see this frustration in the face of certain players, when at times in games the team has needed a change, and Backe’s lack of trust in the players in the bench, has cost us games. As a coach at this level you have to have BALLS when making decisions, and this coach has shown time and time again that he has none.

      • el Says:

        I do agree with you, he has lacked trust in the bench players. I like his style of play tho, and I will give him the benefit of the doubt in that its not usual for teams to loose 6 players during the middle of the season, and expect a team to adjust. They need to start winning now.

      • nanopapasote Says:

        Those players only missed three games, that’s 9 points we played without them. During the last ten games (30 points) we only have ten points to show for, and i don’t know what you mean about his “style of play”, but 10 points from 30, does not exactly indicate a great “style of play”. This team can outplay any other team in the league, but like i said they don’t play like a quality team, and to me, that all rests on the coach’s shoulders and his let’s make Henry and Rodgers run after the ball tactics. Backe is not cut out for this team, and hopefully he proves me wrong come November and we get a trophy, but as it is now, our next DP should be a QUALITY coach.

      • el Says:

        No thats not true, lets not make up stuff, Richards missed 6 or 7 games, Marquez missed 7 games, Ream and Agudelo missed 6 games, DeRosario missed two and Rodgers has been out the last 3 games. They were without a regular lineup for over a month, its not as if it was one or two players, it was both center backs and Richards who is one of the most important players on the team. Lets be accuracte, the team has been depleted.

  8. el Says:

    3 games, where did you get that from? I take comments seriously and would consider them if they were accurate and not just rambling.

  9. nanopapasote Says:

    I’m sorry Mr. Stat Boy, as i didn’t mean to “ramble” over who played or didn’t. My point is that the team does not play nearly as good as it can, and it’s all due to Backe being on the bench. Regardless of who plays, the “style of play” you so refer to is below what its expected of a team that claims to be of championship caliber. We have the individual quality, but the performance of the team week by week is not at all what is expected. There are teams in the league with less talent, but whose quality of play is much higher than ours. Now, if your ignorance does not allow you to see this, then i suggest you skip my comments if they are not ACCURATE enough for you.

  10. el Says:

    This is not about being stat boy or not if your missing 5 starters over a long stretch you cant expect the team to be at full strength.Stop the silliness please.

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