Red Bulls at Sounders: Preview

The Red Bulls continue their West Coast road trip with a nationally televised match at newly renamed CenturyLink Field in Seattle.  New York, coming off a 3-3 draw in Portland, will likely miss the services of Thierry Henry, who picked up a red card vs. the Timbers, but welcome back Dane Richards from Gold Cup duty.  The Jamaican could be a possibility at striker for Hans Backe.  We caught up with Hans Backe, Carlos Mendes and Dane Richards to get their thoughts on the match.  Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.

29 Responses to “Red Bulls at Sounders: Preview”

  1. Slayer Says:

    Any good places on long island or in the city to go watch the game?

  2. el Says:

    Sutton is not a starter in this league.

  3. Harry Says:

    R U kidding me? It is bad enough we have a delay due to junior baseball but to go right into the broadcast with a goal, by Seattle in the 11th minute. Then 90 seconds later, with a another goal against us? AARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG…………………………….

  4. Alle Says:

    Can anyone tell me what the hell does anyone see in Sutton? I love how when Bouna makes one or two mistakes, people ride the banana boat saying he’s crap etc but when Sutton lets in a bucketload of goals, no one says anything (and I say buckeyload because if you look at his GA against eversince he has played, you’ll see exactly what I mean). “Oh he’s tall”, “Kept a cleansheet or 2”, “Saves penalties” – I mean come on, it’s time to stop the bullcrap already. Just because Bouna let in 3 goals against Chivas (someone refresh my memory if I’m wrong) doesn’t mean take him out and leave him to drown on the bench. We need stability in goal, Sutton clearly isn’t the man for that. Bouna haters might say “Oh, Bouna makes mistakes” – listen, I’d rather have him in goal while his confidence is high after his performance against Cameroon during African Nations Cup qualifying than keep Greg in goal, he’s buns, end of story.

    • david Says:

      goalies make mistakes sutton was at a bad place at the wrong time i hate when people dog the red bulls big time come on we missing alot of players and i expact stuff like today to happen sooner then later…. this game is long put away for me the game against the fire is calling for a tie or win cuz the fire SUCK

  5. sicote Says:

    There’s nothing and no place good in Long Island. I strongly suggest you leave immediately.

  6. Tom Says:

    looks like bouna just got his job back!!

  7. Walter Says:

    Sutton,what were you thinking? seven goals in the almost last two games? That was a tragic stupid blunder on our teams behalf.

    • david Says:

      all seven of the goals were bad D not his problem but today was so his but i know hes not shitty bouna made a mistake to last year that ended our unbeaten streak mistakes happen bad luck it was sutton

  8. redbulls4ever Says:

    Come on Rooney, lets see what you can do.

  9. Conrad Says:

    Even before that disastrous giveaway, I was wondering what the hell Sutton did to earn the starting role. And can someone tell my why on earth De Rosario is on this team? Guy has ZERO touch, no speed, and so far, his free kicks have sucked. I guess he can score a penalty when Henry is red-carded….

    • david Says:

      sutton did alot some of your people comments make me wonder have u even pay mind to what sutton does???? i seen it and i know why but i know bouna should start next sutton needs time off after this huge mistake

    • david Says:

      also don’t dog De Rosario he was D up well and close

      • Conrad Says:

        De Rosario was the defender who lost his man and allowed the free header on the corner that led to the third goal. Are we watching the same game?

    • david Says:

      conrad u were wrong again u did not watch the game it was Teemu Tainio that did not D up well the 3 goal go watch the replay

  10. gas huffer Says:

    When the F*CK is BOUNA TIME!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????


  11. el Says:

    Sutton 8 games 15 goals against.
    Bouna 7 games 5 goals against.

    Enough said!!

    • Tom Says:

      bouna DID have ream and rafa in front of him. im just as furious as everyone else about sutton these past two matches but you can’t just ignore stuff like that.

      • el Says:

        Independent of who is in front of him Sutton has been awful the last two games, and in his MLS career his goals against average is very poor, that is not coincidence, he does not command the box and is very poor at making decisions, thats fact. The team is giving these points away poor defending on set pieces, and in many of the cases terrible positioning by Sutton.

  12. Flintstone Says:

    Rescue Frei from that mess in Toronto. He is better then what we have here

  13. Walter Says:

    Come on N.Y. redbulls lets put the Chicago Fire out?

  14. Steven L. Says:

    YES, Lindpere I love it, about time.

  15. harry Says:

    Henry looks hurt, coach bring him off, please don’t make his hamstring strain worse

  16. Steve L. Says:

    I hope that Howard one day returns to New York, Bouna W.T.F.?

  17. harry Says:

    Another point, Backe why didn’t we use our subs sooner?

  18. el Says:

    5 wins in 17 games is unnaceptable, the many absences the team has had hasnt helped, but the play on defense particulary on set pieces is horrific. With the talent this team has getting Rodgers, Ream, Marquez back the team has to get on a winning streak. If they dont win the eastern conference during the regular season the season will be a huge dissapointment.

    A win on Tuesday is a must.

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