Red Bulls vs. Crew: Post Match

For the fourth consecutive match, the Red Bulls played their opponent to a draw.  This time New York conceded the equalizer in the dying moments of the match to only secure one point in a 1-1 draw with Columbus.  Mehdi Ballouchy scored in the ninth minute to give the Red Bulls an early lead, and it looked like all three points would go to New York, but a 92nd minute tally let the Crew escape Red Bull Arena with a point.  We got post match reaction from Hans Backe, Austin da Luz, Ballouchy, and Carlos Mendes.  Share your thoughts on the match in the comments section.

13 Responses to “Red Bulls vs. Crew: Post Match”

  1. Starks Says:

    Not for nothing but Stephen Keel is horrid….he was to blame for that goal along with Matt Kessel. When Keel was running back he was only looooking at Kessel and no one else, if he just loooked around him who to gaurd in the middle he would have seen Balchan wide open in the middle. Also to blame would be Sutton, a play like that when the offense is coming from the wing as a GK you need to take a quick glance in the middle and the other side of the field and commmunicate with your backs who to guard in case of a cross… breakdown, awful, this redbull team is way overrated….

    • david Says:

      starks keel is not bad give the red bulls a break they play D well on till that last min and sutton is not to blame it was keel job to gaurd balchan i guess keel was trying to back up kessel cuz everybody knows kessel is not a RB but hans backe had to put him there starks this team is not as awful as u put it yes we did not win yes we did get a tie but the big picture is that we did not lose even hans say he rather have ties then a loss

      • Starks Says:


        Have you seen Keel go up for headers? The dude cant time headers correctly and has no speed whatsoever…he doesnt belong on the pitch..and when teh A-squad is out there thankfully he wont be.

  2. royalscam Says:

    MESSAGE TO SHEP – give me a break – you are going to blame a rookie out of his natural position for that? Kassel may have gotten beat on the play but there is no way that pass should have even made it across as the defenders should have been ready to intercept the ball. And who was marking the scorer? NOBODY.

    Red Bulls may want to score more than 1 goal a game if they want to start winning – thats right Henry – I am looking right at you (glad you finally decided to hustle last night).

    • david Says:

      henry finally hustle last night where were u when he scored 6 goals under a rock? the guy who was so pose to mark the crew scorer was KEEL but kassel was are weak link at Right back even i was like crap we got problems when solli got a injury…. get well soon solli we need u as RB fast

  3. Rick Says:

    That goal came from Balouchy giving the ball away in midfield when he should have ran in into the corner in the last 30 seconds of the game. Even Henry went crazy at Balouchy for that one. And I agree with David that no can can complain at Henry at the moment with his goal record. You think hes going to get a goal a game?? get real! Cant blame Kassel either, a young player with little experience playing out of position did an OK job.

  4. Slayer Says:

    Scarier part for me was the two free chances Mendoza had. This could easily have been 3-1. The red bulls did not get the same open looks. It could have been worse. This gold cup stretch is going to be painful.

  5. Tom Says:

    mendes was invisible. I think keel has some potential as a proper sub in the back, its just hard when 3 of your 4 defenders are out of the match (and the one you have left is the ever-so-reliable roy miller). Yes this was a heartbreaker (thats soccer). worhty of melting down over? nope. We’re still doing fine standings-wise if you consider how many games in hand we have behind a lot of teams. We’re tied for fewest losses in the league. I’ll start criticizing when we lose games. All that said, new england is a big game if our boys want to silence this barking.

  6. nanopapasote Says:

    The only one to blame for this tie is the coach himself. The guy is too afraid to make subs. The team needed a change, some guys in the mid were out of breath, but Hans is Hans, and he’s too afraid of bringing fresh legs into a tight game. This goes on from game to game, sometimes only one sub, and sometimes if we’re lucky two. This has got to stop, we can’t expect to win tight games like this one, if our coach can’t help the players by bringing fresh legs into the match. Thanks Hans, you’ve earned the team another tie, but ties don’t get you championships.

  7. Rick Says:

    We had 4 subs!! no one over the age of 22 and no one who has played more then 20 mins in the MLS (except the Gk Howarth) so why would he take off experienced players such as Tanio, Balouchy and Linpere in a close game for unproven young players?? That would be stupid! See how Kassel reacted when he came on? he was nervous on the ball but he had to come on because of the injury. I bet you would still find something to moan about if we win the MLS Cup

  8. Starks Says:

    on the plus side how about the play of Austin da Luz..Man he has such a great touch on the ball and it was great to see him perform like he did. I hope this opens up some more eyes to the coaching staff…Kudos to da Luz, Kudos to Rodgers again a good game, kudos to Mehdi even though he did make some crucial mistakes like not passing it to Henry for an easy goal to go up 2-0 and as the poster above stated for losing the ball in stead of trying to kill the clock. Everyone else except Henry were horrid.

  9. louie Says:

    i cant take this we should have had 12 points instead of tieing every game we must win the nxt games

  10. em Says:

    Yes, there is no way that they should have given up that goal. But the truth is the team was with Agudelo,Ream, Marquez, Coundoul, Richards and De Rosario. Not many teams in the world if any, will be able to cope with that many key player absences, the truth is the league schedule should have been adjusted to take into consideration the Gold Cup. Once at full strength the team should be ok, but its a must win against New England now. Hopefully Solli will be recuperated as I have very little confidence in Kassell playing as a full back.

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