Red Bulls vs. Rapids: Post Match

Twice the Red Bulls came back from one goal deficits, but could not take the lead, settling for a 2-2 draw home to the defending MLS Cup Champion Colorado Rapids tonight at Red Bull Arena.  Thierry Henry found the back of the net for a team-leading sixth time, while Luke Rodgers scored his fourth in a New York uniform.  But a questionable PK call and a flummoxing free kick allowed a depleted Rapids side to earn a road point.  After the match we got reaction from Hans Backe, Tim Ream (who made his second goal-saving clearance of the season tonight), Rodgers, and Dwayne De Rosario.  Share your reaction in the comments section.

3 Responses to “Red Bulls vs. Rapids: Post Match”

  1. Chan Says:

    Great crowd for a Wednesday night, very passionate and loud. Unfortunately, the fans left subdued for a completely winable game. When the energy waned in the second half, Hans should have started substituting earlier to pull this one out. Juan should get more than 5 minutes to have an effect on the game. We resorted to errant crosses and long balls, and that blunted the possession we had. Despite the give-a-way PK and defendable free kick, the first half was electric. Too bad this did not carry over to the second half.

  2. emilio Says:

    If Henry was troubled by the nagging injury why not sub him at the 65 minute mark and put a fresh Agudelo. It would help conserve Henry and give us a better chance to win the game. Once we correct the silly goals we should be ok, hope Henry is ok as we need him with all these call ups. Coundoul should be starting , Sutton was asleep.

  3. Mecra Says:

    it’s so nice not having to hear jeremy hall talk anymore. “you know”!

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