Red Bulls vs. Chivas USA: Post Match

The Red Bulls rallied from goal deficits twice, but a sub-par defensive effort ended in a 3-2 defeat to Chivas USA tonight at Red Bull Arena.  New York still sits atop the Eastern Conference, but squandered an opportunity to extend the lead.  Henry tallied his fifth goal of the season, and birthday boy Dwayne De Rosario converted the PK for his first Red Bulls goal (and the first ever for him on his birthday).  We caught up with Coach Backe, De Rosario and Teemu Tainio after the match to get their thoughts.  Share YOUR thoughts in the comments section.

3 Responses to “Red Bulls vs. Chivas USA: Post Match”

  1. Chris Says:

    Sloppy play by the Red Bulls last night. We sure had our chances but we need to get better play from the midfielders and we need to start tightening our defense on set pieces. I think we found a new PK kicker though. Glad to see DeRo get his first Red Bulls’ goal. It’s too bad we didn’t get the win.

  2. harry Says:

    Very disapointing game, as I know we can perform better.

  3. marcia Says:

    Perhaps the lights should have remained off.

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