Red Bulls vs. Chivas USA: Preview

New York returns to Red Bull Arena looking to stay atop the Eastern Conference when the Red Bulls host Chivas USA Sunday at 7pm (MSG+, Galavision; WQBU 92.7 FM; TICKETS).  The Red Bulls complete their LA week with their second HDC based opponent.  Chivas is coming off a 1-0 loss to RSL, but has won its previous two matches.  We asked Hans Backe, Tim Ream and Bouna Coundoul for their thoughts on the match.  Share your thoughts in the comments section.

NOTE: The Red Bulls will be collecting new and GENTLY used soccer equipment for Bouna Coundoul’s foundation in Senegal and the RBNY/NYPD trip to Colombia in late May.  Collection bins will be located outside Gates A, B, C and D.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.

8 Responses to “Red Bulls vs. Chivas USA: Preview”

  1. Slayer Says:

    Best songs to play after a goal:

    Kickstart my heart by Motley Crüe

    Shoot to Thrill by ac/dc

  2. Tim F. Says:

    I’m glad Teemu is better. We need three points at home! Let’s go Red Bulls!!!

  3. Big Pete Says:

    Thank God the Cosmos guys have’nt found this site yet. They are all over the internet, latest site they trolled was MLS Rumors, looked up an article on Juan Agudelo and Ze’ Roberto and they were spamming it with over 70 comment’s and threats directed towards GSS supporters. I wonder if the Borough Boys are backing that crap up. I don’t think that Cosmos can get MLS club without showing real support instead of trolling MLS fansites and insulting RBNY supporters. It’s not a rivalry unless they get a team, and it looks like Minnesota, Orlando, and Detroit have a leg up on them. would be funny if they got in in 2012 and had to play in The Meadowlands for 3 or 4 years, they would never live it down, or if the league forced a ground share and they would have to pay RBNY rent. LOL.

  4. Tony "D" Says:

    Hey Pete, what you doing up so early, Borough Boys said they have nothing to do with the Cosmos shit taking place on the internet. They called up Steven Cohen on WFD and he sounded like he was on board with their retarded bullcrap. It figures, was in Manhattan the other day and the Cosmos are marketing themselves well though, don’t know if it matters, they can’t get a charter in MLS without stadium funding, you think they have $300 million for a stadium, I doubt it, if they do the will be here and I actually look forward to the derby. These guys hate each other already, could be eastern version of Timbers and Sounders.

  5. Walter Says:

    Interesting, this would be cool to have a Hudson derby. New York Cosmos and New York Redbulls, EXCELLENT.

  6. NaNo Says:

    I think MLS may be interested in some other cities before another NY team. While it will be cool thing to have two teams in the same area, I doubt the Cosmos frachise will come out of the dark ages. They are still not financially stable enough, and their fanbase it’s minimal to say the least, add that to the fact that they don’t have a competing team at any level in any of the major US soccer leagues, and that leaves them, as a franchise, in a big hole. Unless they are bought by a corporation/individual who is willing to spend big bucks on bringing a second team to the NY area, then they are just plain hopelessly dreaming. As for the rivalry side of things, that’s all proven on the pitch, not spread through word of mouth.

  7. Starks Says:

    +1 Waler, I for one would love to see the cosmos in mls.

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