Red Bulls vs. Impact: Preview

Ahead of Sunday’s match home to Chivas USA (TICKETS) the Red Bulls travel to Montreal to play a friendly with Montreal Impact, a club that will join MLS in 2012 as the league’s 19th franchise.  The match is a homecoming of sorts for Greg Sutton, who played several seasons for the Impact, helping them to a championship in 2004, earning himself League MVP honors.  Defender Stephen Keel is also familiar with Montreal, as he played against the side numerous times during his tenure with (USL) Portland Timbers .  Check out what they had to say about the match in the preview video below.  Follow the match live tonight via our twitter page or watch a live stream (courtesy of Montreal Impact) on our official site. The stream begins at 7pm ET while the match kicks off at 7:30pm ET.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.

12 Responses to “Red Bulls vs. Impact: Preview”

  1. Jack2010 Says:

    I hope that Sutton gets to play against his old team.

  2. gigi Says:

    cant wait, i wanna see tyler lassiter, john rooney, paullo, hertzog and kassel who havnet gotten much playin time see some action. hope albright avoids surgery though.

    • Billy Says:

      paullo and ballouchy cant make the trip due to visa reasons, woulda been great to see what paullo could bring to the table though . . .

      • gigi Says:

        ohhh yeahhh forgot bout those visa issues, paulo might surprise some ppl will see.

  3. Walter Says:

    I don’t believe that we are one nothing down.

  4. harry Says:

    I miss Steve and Sheps broadcast……………………………

  5. redbulls4ever Says:

    Come on Redbulls.

  6. harry Says:

    We look stale, no spark and no energy. Where is our chemistry tonight?

  7. gigi Says:

    on the bright side its pretty cool when your academy is talented enough that you can bring 3 guys to fill your roster out to a friendly, Redbull reader i was wondering if you can maybe get an interview with those guys,” Im sure they musta been thrilled for the opportunity friendly or not.

  8. Tim F. Says:

    How’s Teemu?

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