Next Match Promo: Sporting Kansas City

After last night’s dismantling of DC United, we can’t wait to see the team back in action again.  And we only have to wait until next Saturday, when the Red Bulls host Sporting Kansas City at Red Bull Arena.  Not only is it your next chance to see what is quickly becoming the most exciting team in MLS, but its also the night we honor Mike Petke. Millions will claim they were at the game, but only 25,000 will be telling the truth.  Will you be one of them?

10 Responses to “Next Match Promo: Sporting Kansas City”

  1. Tim F. Says:

    To New York area soccer fans:

    Outside of acquiring a couple more players to replace Tony and Danleigh for the inevitable times when international callups occur, stars retire and/or younger players leave for Europe, there is NOTHING else you can ask this club to do for you. To those who don’t subscribe to a team ticket package, it’s time to fill Red Bull Arena game after game after game…

    1. A team that plays with heart, has started to show consistency and that is a legitimate champion contender – check, check and check (demonstrated against SJ and DC)
    2. A competitive soccer team that plays possession and attacking oriented soccer that has to satisfy even Eurosnobs – check
    3. A couple of established, international stars – check
    4. A couple of up-and-coming USMNT starlets – check
    5. State of the art SSS – check
    6. Top notch grass field – check
    7. Stands surrounding and hugging field and terrific sightlines from almost every seat – check
    8. Roof overhead to protect against most of the rain and to help with atmosphere – check
    9. Public transportation option adjacent to stadium – check
    10. Sufficient parking options supported by improved vehicle flow (folks, there are limits to what one can do in an urban environment) – check
    11. Reasonably priced stadium food options (compared to other sporting events) – check

    As Shep would say, are you kidding me?

  2. Mark F. Says:

    Now Tim, they have to learn about it. Where will that video be shown?

  3. Harry Says:

    Tim, beautiful presentation. I love the way our team has turned around. Come on my fellow fans, come and support our beloved team. Go New York Redbulls………..

  4. Yevgeniy M Says:

    Absolutely agree with Mark F. The video is great and if it was seen by all soccer fans in the area, I am sure that the game would sell out. However, unfortunately, it is only seen by people 90% of whom go to games anyway.

  5. Dario Says:

    Our PR guys suck. I’m from LI and 99% of the people here dont have an idea what the NY Red Bulls are.

  6. Dario Says:

    The other day I argued with a Newsday reporter who though RB averaged 2,000 fans.

  7. JW Says:

    Do you guys think my wife will be angry if I spend $70 for the new super sweet away jersey? It would only be our 3rd RBNY jersey in the last 2 years….hmmmm-I do have $55 on my RBNY membership card.

    Oh-and Ag’s goal was amazing.

  8. david Says:

    sporting kc is a team i know red bulls can beat i hope sutton is playing for us as GK

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