Know Your Bulls: Luke Rodgers

In the first installment of “Know Your Bulls”, New York Red Bulls Forward Luke Rodgers discussed his favorite food and favorite music.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.

3 Responses to “Know Your Bulls: Luke Rodgers”

  1. irishapple21 Says:

    Nice to get to know Luke Rodgers a little better. If he can keep up the effort, I foresee him becoming another RBNY folk hero like John Wolyniec.

  2. Tim F. Says:

    He’s short,
    He’s white,
    He’s strong and likes to fight,
    He’s Luke “Tank” Rodgers!

  3. clarkk Says:

    Wow he likes Indian music! Uh also can we please get more than 2 questions next time? THX!

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