Red Bulls vs. Earthquakes: Post Match

A comprehensive win from the Red Bulls tonight, as the team dominated for 90 minutes in a 3-0 win.  The match saw Luke Rodgers tally a brace as well as an assist to open his New York account.   Tonight also saw Thierry Henry break the ice for 2011 with an emphatic late tally that put the game to bed.  Not lost in the offensive explosion was the team defensive effort put forth, as New York earned its third clean sheet of the season.  After the match, we got reaction from Hans Backe, Rodgers, Henry, and Tim Ream.  Share your thoughts on the match in the comments section.

13 Responses to “Red Bulls vs. Earthquakes: Post Match”

  1. Harry Says:

    Great win, where was our fans tonight? I am angry at our fan base for lack of support in this great team and stunning stadium. Because of rain, you are not a serious fan if you can’t tolerate adverse weather. Well to our other loyal fans it was great to be in the arena with you guys tonight. Back to the game though, Henry a much better performance. Richards really had a decent game. Nice to see Agelelo play and welcome Rooney to the last two minutes of the game.

  2. Tim F. Says:

    Fantastic performance by the entire team. That’s the Thierry I was expecting to see for awhile now; great to see him play effectively and with constant passion from the beginning of the game to the end. Thierry, Luke, Teemu, Rafa, Jan and Joel had very strong games. Tim, Roy, Dwayne, Dane and Bouna were strong as well. I think they are still trying to figure out how best to use Dwayne as he was not involved as much offensively but he did track back and make a number of good tackles. Sometimes Dane seemed to get in Dwayne’s way and could be more effective usually stretching out the field on the right sideline. The players collectively defended very well, helping each other out.

    Harry is right; there is no excuse for fans not to attend the game this evening. On Thursday, we saw the Portland fans standing in colder, wetter conditions. You can not ask for a better stadium than Red Bull Arena and the team finally got plenty of scoring chances to match its excellent possession. If the Red Bulls had converted a handful of the many other scoring opportunities, the score could have been 6-0 or more.

  3. redbulls4ever Says:

    Loved the performance last night, the Artful Rodger almost made it a hatrick. I agree with Tim and Harry, fans support our team and it was a fantastic game last night. I love the Redbull pub, very clean and the service is excellent. A three goal victory last night gives us more confidence as a team.

    • Slayer Says:

      Where is the red bull pub? Is that for season ticket holders only?

      • Tim F. Says:

        The Red Bulls pub is on the 100 level. I know it is for season ticket holders; I’m ensure of instances when it might be open to others.

  4. NaNo Says:

    Wow, Luke Rodgers was a “beast” last night, what a great match he had, by far the best player on the field. I still see holes in the line up though, Miller and Richards are just too weak in their positions, they need to step up if we really want to see this team destroy opponents, because after tonight’s showing, I think we can just do that to any of the teams in the league.

    As for the attendance, I think we had a pretty decent showing, there was at least a little over 10,000 fans in attendance, and that’s pretty good considering the weather conditions. I cant speak for fans that did not attend, but I know that soaked and cold, this was a great game, and I loved it. As the team improves and moves up in table, we should see attendance rise.

  5. eric Says:

    now I have a lot of confidence in our strikers. whether is henry and rodgers, henry and agueldo, or agudelo or rodgers, i am confident whoever is on the bench will make a difference and give us some quality

  6. Starks Says:

    The NY metro area has a TON of soccer fans however unfortunately most of them are Eurosnobs and really do not support MLS/Redbulls as they should….thats the type of attitude MLS needs to take on head first, but how? I have ideas….

    • Mike Says:

      I only started following the Redbulls about 3 years ago. I instantly fell in love with the game and the team. Hans is doing a fantastic job, and building a solid team. I am now season ticket holder for the last 2 seasons, and I am very disappointed game after game at the lack of turnout, especially when it comes to season ticket holders.

      Last season, game after game, I had empty seats around me, and all those seats were supposedly sold to season ticket holders. Yet, eery game when someone did show up, it was a new face each and every time.

      Tim is right, there is no reason why a 25k seat stadium shouldn’t be sold out every game. (Well in fact ha;f of it is sold out to Season ticket holders, but they fail to show their support)

  7. NaNo Says:

    As long as those of us who show up game after game, it doesn’t matter who is there as long as we cheer for the team, win or loose. Before you know it, more fans like us will show up.

  8. jspech Says:

    When to season opener from Brooklyn, NY. Drove & was shocked how quick I got in & out. Not the horror I was expecting.

    The in stadium experience was horrible. Concession was slow. I missed the beginning of both halves waiting on concession. On a realy cold night they had no hot beverage.

    Seriously, it was cold just getting feeling back in a finger tip.

    The Red Bull needs to figure out how to get their Season ticket holders to sit their butts in their seat, but I suspect people are waiting for beers.

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