The last time the Red Bulls traveled to PPL Park, New York ended up on the short side of a 2-1 scoreline.  The two rivals meet again, this time with the Eastern Conference lead on the line (though admittedly its very early in the season).  The Red Bulls newest acquisitions, Dwayne De Rosario, has had a full week of training with NY after joining the club hours before last Saturday’s draw with Houston, and it will be very interesting to see how well he has acclimated to his new surroundings.   What do you see as as scoreline for the match?  How passionate are you about this rivalry with the MLS side closest to us?  What lineup do  you see Hans Backe selecting?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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13 Responses to “RED BULLS VS. UNION: PREVIEW”

  1. gigi Says:

    This team is staccccked with talent. But I think we could still use two forwards one expierienced and maybe an academy striker like brandon allen. A right mid so solli can stay at right back, and we prob need cover at left back. If i was hans id take a look at a young talent like greg garza for lb, hes playing in the second division in portugal, im sure we could sign him. Id also take a look at joshua gatt a right mid player who is playing for molde We could stokpile on some more young talent to groom. But id also sign an experienced striker too, like Victor Simoes, this brazilian guy who plays for Al ahli. Deffff would make us the deepest team ever.

  2. Tim F. Says:

    Let’s go New York.

    Red Bulls win this 2-1 or 1-0; with Mondragon in goal and Valdes in defense, the Union have been keeping games tighter. After a 1-1 draw at home to Houston, New York needs three points. I think the field player lineup will be largely the same all season unless a starter is injured, has international duty or card accumulation:

    Thierry and Juan up top with Luke getting minutes as well;
    Joel, Teemu, Dwayne and Dane in midfield with Mehdi able to spare someone who needs to rest;
    Roy, Tim, Rafa and Jan in defense; and hopefully Bouna in goal.

    I think the Red Bulls have four strikers and can’t imagine a current academy striker will get a contract, let alone playing time, at this point. With Danleigh traded, the team could use another left back.

  3. RBA2010 Says:

    Ream, your pass was unnacceptable. How do we dominate a game land then give up a goal on a blunder like that. Unnacceptable. We have to do more than hold the ball. Redbulls this is BS.

  4. Tim F. Says:

    The Red Bulls need to put more shots on goal; sometimes the movement in the final third is too slow which allows the opponent to recover and put more players in the box.

    Very strong performances by Teemu, Rafa and Jan and Bouna can’t be blamed for the goal. Joel and Juan had moments when they were very effective but it did not result in a goal.

    I think it is time to sit Thierry and give Luke a chance to start. Thierry picked it up a notch but only after the goal was scored. I expect Thierry to be more active from the opening whistle.

    • el Says:

      henry needs to start performing period, and the trouble with De Rosario is he is more of a second striker thats his position, playing Henry’s current spot.If Henry doesnt produce he needs to ride the pine. Richards should not have been subbed off.

  5. Tim F. Says:

    Dwayne caused a number of turnovers the first half and was invisible the second half.

  6. Jonathan Says:

    lame. henry needs to show up-or did he leave his talent in europe?

    rbny needs to stop giving lame balls away-basic passing giveaways had one(ream) and almost two(henry) goals against us.

    this is uninspiring play-nothing worse than seeing that from the best roster in MLS.

    I stand by my rbs but this is a crappy beginning to the season.

    plus the front office royally screwed up on this crappy “membership” and also lied about what the “membership” would get you. ($5=1pt. 500pts to get a single weekend ticket. WOW! big savings-why did I think a global corporation would actually do something to endear diehard fans?)

  7. Flintstone Says:

    Henry 5 Million Dollar Bum!!! Get someone out there who really wants to play.

  8. Cindy Says:

    i miss Juan Pablo Angel

  9. Walter Says:

    Looked good in the first half especially when Aguedelo hit the post and crossbar. Second half we lacked energy and yes we can do a lot better.

  10. RBA2010 Says:

    Sorry, Juan Pablo is not the answer, but Henry needs to step up and want to want to score goals, forget this BS about helping the team improve and develop. You do that by scoring goals. DeRo made several mistakes yesterday that almost cost us and was more of a problem then Henry. I also agree that we need to play quicker in the final 3rd. Miller drives me crazy.

  11. emilio Says:

    JPA is not the answer, the proble is I hope Henry has 12 to 15 goals in the tank, because that is what we need especially at that salary level. Looking at the way the team is constituted a forward like a Hassli or a Lekic (NE) are probably more suited for this team than Henry, and his salary and contract will be a huge problem if he isnt producing. We are married to him for 4 years, lets hope he produces, we need at least one from him against SJ.

  12. marcia Says:

    RBA2010 , knock it off, Ream made 1 mistake..yes it cost us but he is usually one of the only players that we can count on. Emilio, we spent the entire last season arguing about Henry and JPA…now Juan is gone and Henry STILL STINKS for a Dp and a big name, captain, team leader, goal maker he has not even shown up! Marquez, another big name DP big money guy brought in to distribute the ball and defend turns out to ONLY defend now it’s screwing Mendez (captain) from defense and causing us to bring in DeRo. Atleast if we kept JPA he would be finishing all the air balls and not hitting the posts! Thank goodness Joel and Agudeloshow promise with Dane still maintaining his speed just maybe they have a chance…but Bouna has got to go!

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