With the acquisition of Dwayne De Rosario yesterday, the expectations have been raised even higher for the Red Bulls, and tonight’s 1-1 draw with Houston has to be considered an underachieving performance by New York.  After a listless first 45 minutes, Coach Backe inserted De Rosario into the lineup and the Red Bulls’ offensive pressure increased exponentially, creating chance after chance, but after De Rosario hooked up with Dane Richards for an early second half goal, New York couldn’t find the back of the net again, and a bit of a defensive miscue allowed the Dynamo to escape with a road point.  Following the match we got reaction from Backe, Richards, De Rosario, and Jan Gunnar Solli.  Share YOUR thoughts in the comments section.


  1. Flintstone Says:

    RB should have won. They kept pounding that Dynamo goal.Just couldn`t get one in.Henry was almost invisible out there. I`d rather see more of Luke Rodgers too.He brings a lot of energy to the field.Like Shep Messing said maybe they should focus more on getting Henry the ball,so he can score?

  2. el Says:

    Henry needs to score when he gets his chances, he gets chances but cant finish. He needs to start producing goals, period.

  3. irishapple21 Says:

    Henry needs to start earning his money. He repeatedly missed easy chances last night and we’re not going to win games with that kind of poor effort.

    • el Says:

      Agreed, his role is to finish chances, its as simple as that. A forward lives on goals and that what he needs to do to score, if he doesn’t he isn’t helping the team. I’m confident he will start scoring, he needs to.

  4. gigi Says:

    Even though it was disappointing, (Coundoul deff should have stayed in goal, cuz if he did Ream nd could have forced him wide and cut down the angle of his shot instead of coundoul coming out and getting chipped). the optimist inside of me saw some good in todays match. I absolutely LOVE solli he had his best game today he attacked from his fullback position like crazy, very energetic guy. I thought DeRo did very good for not having practiced with the team. Richard’s is like the boogyman to Houston he usually does great in games vs them. And Considering all the changes in the offseason, I think this teams gonna start really clicking and performing after 10 games or so.

  5. Roberto Says:

    Henry, is definitely not pulling his weight, not worth the millions he is receiving, that is why he rode the pine at Barcellona, at his age, lets face it you just start losing those little things that make you great, he can still make the killer pass but his finishing is way off ( but i do hope he proves me wrong for the sake of this team )

  6. Tim F. Says:

    I can’t wait until they get to practice and play together. What a fantastic group of players. PLEASE NO INJURIES to any one of them. Once DeRo and Tainio get a rhythm together, watch out.

    • emilio Says:

      The team is creating chances, the forwards need to finish, especially the players that are being compensated very handsomely. Henry may say he is a role player to try to reduce the pressure on him, but he needs to be the guy scoring goals thats why he is making the money he is making, as his arrival has not helped attendance, he is here to score its that simple.

      • Slayer Says:

        Agree. I think the poor attendance is adding to the pressure on Henry. He seems frustrated by the officiating too. Has that been typical in his career?

  7. Deanna Says:

    During the buildup to US-Argentina, Soccer Banter spoke with New York Red Bulls defender Tim Ream about Lionel Messi, the adjustment of stepping up to international soccer and the New York Red Bulls.
    Check it out at

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