The Red Bulls battle the Seattle Sounders tonight as New York  (7:30 PM ET; MSG; WADO 1280 AM).  After a long preseason that saw the club travel to two states as well a one foreign country, the Red Bulls finally get to play a match with meaning.  And for a side that has title aspirations, taking on an organized club like Seattle should be a good early season test.  Lineups and running commentary after the jump.

New York Red Bulls:






Subs: Coundoul, Mendes, Borman, Hertzog, Robinson, Tchani, Rodgers

Seattle Sounders:






Subs: Boss, Wahl, Scott, Ianni, Levesque, Neagle, Rosales


1′ And we’re off…

2′ Tainio attempts to lead Solli down the right flank, but his touch a bit too heavy.

4′ First corner goes to NY and Henry’s shot is deflected out by Keller.

4′ Henry tries to volley in the Marquez cross, but his acrobatic attempt goes wide.

5′ Marquez’ clearance is deflected and the ball falls to Montero in the area, but Sutton comes off his line to corral the  ball.

8′ PK earned by Agudelo after he is taken down by Hurtado in the area.

9′ Keller makes the save on Henry as the Red Bulls striker tries to go to the near post.

10′ NY is pressing the action, and earns another corner for their efforts as Seattle is on the backfoot.

11′ Another corner as Seattle is trying to survive the opening minutes.

16′ Montero chips the ball into the area for Fernandez, but Sutton is there.

16′ After some nice interplay, Ballouchy gets a shot off inside the 18, but Keller makes an easy save.

18′ Some nifty footwork by several players ends in another NY corner.

24′ It’s been one way traffic thusfar in the 1st half, but Seattle can be very dangerous on the counter.

27′ Montero gives it a go from a long way off, and knuckling shot is parried by Sutton, who pounces on the rebound.

34′ Richards finds a little daylight in the area, but can’t get a shot off.

37′ Richards is down

38′ The Jamaican International is up and appears to be ok.

39′ Montero breaks in alone, but his shot is deflected by Sutton, who gets on the rebound after a scramble in front of the net.

45′ Montero again makes room in the box, but his shot from a very acute angle hits the crossbar.  Looks like Sutton has the goal covered well.

45+’ 2 minutes of stoppage.

HALFTIME:  Red Bulls dominated possession, but a missed Henry PK is the difference in a 0-0 match.

46′ And we’re back…

51′ Marquez with an effort from range that goes just over.

56′ Agudelo draws a foul just outside the area.

58′ Ballouchy with a half volley on a Marquez cross in the mixer, but its just wide.

61′ Yellow to Hurtado for a foul on Agudelo.

65′ Ream with a long diagonal that Richards runs onto, but Keller makes the easy save.

67′ Seattle sub: Rosales for Fernandez.

68′ NY sub: Tchani for Ballouchy.

69′ Tchani with a centering pass to Agudelo, but he can’t get a good shot off and Keller makes the save.

70′ GOAL NY!!  Agudelo shrugs off two defenders and beats Keller with the shot.  1-0!

73′ Seattle sub: Levesque for White.

79′ Seattle’s final sub: Neagle for Carrasco.

86′ NY looking to maintain possession with the lead.

87′ Another near miss for NY who earns a corner.

88′ Tchani heads it on target, but its tipped over.

90′ 3 minutes of stoppage.

90+ Seattle earns a free kick from 30 yards.

90+ Montero puts it on net and Sutton parries, and Levesque puts the rebound over.

90+ NY sub: Borman for Richards.

FULLTIME: 1-0 win for New York in their season opener!


  1. Sicote Says:

    Anybody got a stream to the game?

  2. david Says:

    im reallyyyyy happy by the way we played

    • Starks Says:

      Me too! Extrmely happy, accept that when we get close to the 18 we tend to not be very creative…although the whole team played well kudos to sutton as well!

  3. gigi Says:

    wow the way they kept possesion, it was like 70 percent in the first half. Thats insane as the year goes on im sure more chances will be finnished but for the first game they way they played im impressed.

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