Red Bull New York announced today that it has waived forward Conor Chinn and midfielder Irving Garcia.




  1. david Says:


  2. gigi Says:


  3. gas huffer Says:


  4. uuuummmmmmm Says:

    what the (deleted)?

  5. el Says:

    Not shocking at all. There is a reason why they hardly played las year. For all the crazy posters that wanted Garcia to play over Richards this must be sad. They had ample time to impress Backe,i guess they didnt. Chinn has poor ball skills.

  6. Slayer Says:

    Guess I am burning my Garcia jersey. Can you say DC United?

  7. Walter Says:

    Two inspiring players,not a good move.

  8. emilio Says:

    Its very unlikely any MLS team will acquire them especially Garcia, he was left unprotected in the expansion draft as was Chinn and no one was interested. Chinn played 29 league minutes last year Garcia 0 and you guys are acting like you know what type of players they are. Lets be real, I trust Backe can make adequate dicisions on these players abilities. We have a tendency to rip good players like Ricards, Ballouchy and glorify players who for some reason are not regarded in the league like Garcia and Zimmerman, etc. Its funny and I dont get it.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:


    • Cubillas Says:

      Given the limited minutes these player saw on the field, I can tell you that these guys had a lot of potential. Garcia had the potential to be a playmaker in the team a position Backe has not being able to fulfill. We do not yet have a fluid connection between our defense and our offense. There is a clear lack of an attacking midfield that constantly starves our offense of service. This equals a weak offense. When I saw @99 played he brought a creative quality I have not yet seenon this team. As far as Connor goes, he is a striker with a lot of potential, someone who needed to be developed, of course he made mistakes and missed chances to score. He’s a rookie, you tell me which striker in our team is flawless. You can trust Backe all you want that is your choice. I love this team and as far I’m concerned, he has not convinced me yet that he’s the best coach for our team. We’ll see. Richards and Ballouchy are experienced players so mistakes are less forgiven with them. Dane just needs to be consistent and Ballouchy will have to prove himself as an attacking mid option because we really have no one else. Let’s hope we are ready for Sounders.

  9. Taz Says:

    It is a sad day for the Redbulls. It shows Backe is interested in only foreign players and not developing U.S. talent. Garcia brought energy and movement to the game when he was played. Chinn was one of the few forwards that brought aggressiveness in attacking the goal. Unfortunately, Backe did not provide Chinn the opportunity to make in impact with Angel or Henry. I look forward to seeing Chinn score on the Redbulls in future games.

    Redbull Fans, hold tight for another disappointing year of having high priced talent with a coach that cannot deliver the championship.

    I am burning my Redbulls cap and boycotting REDBULL products…Go 5-Hour energy!

  10. emilio Says:

    Funny last few posts, In the one meaningful game that Garcia had last year against Harrisburg in the cup he was innefective. There is a reason why he was drafted number 50 overall and why he wont be on any MLS team this season. Im glad to know that we have better options on this team than Chinn and Garcia, youth doesnt always equate to quality. Im confident Backe and Soler can properly evaluate talent. We didnt release Agudelo, Ream,Tchani, or Hertzog so lets take a long breath and lets relax.

  11. Taz Says:

    Emillio…the laugh is on the Redbulls. They will be like the Jets, a lot of talent but not a team that can come together to win the big one. Redbull fans are like Cub fans, always chasing the dream.

    • emilio Says:

      Your right Taz and Chinn and Garcia’s absence, two lower round superdraft picks, is gonna be the reason why the team doesnt succeed. Thats pretty funny.

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