New York dropped a 3-2 friendly decision last night to Chivas de Guadalajara at Omnilife Stadium to conclude the Mexican leg of the Red Bulls preseason.  We caught up with head coach Hans Backe and players goalscorers Dane Richards and Juan Agudelo to get their thoughts on the match:

Watch this video, A FULL REBROADCAST OF THE MATCH, and more on the official video player.


  1. gigi Says:

    what i like is that there actually mad about a preseason lose, theres been seasons were teams would toss that loss into the bucket and not give a dam. Shows competivness, and when this team is finnaly in 90 minute shape then i think we can expect what we saw in the 1st half to carry on for 90 minutes. Points of interest i think Agudelo is starter material, a choice between expierienced Rodgers and promising Agudelo is Hans decision. Richards is carrying on his torrid form with some more individual efforts. Hes using his speed to his advantage. THis could mean Solli would push balluchey for a spot in the middle. Marquez looks like a different player in the back with ream. As a fan not exicted by the loss but rather the promise of what looks like a solid team.

  2. gigi Says:

    Stat of the day: Red bulls completed 26 passes from the 39th minute to the 40th which resulsted in a solli shot. Not too shabby…

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