The Red Bulls play their second friendly in Mexico today as play a closed-door scrimmage at 4:00 pm ET.  Receive live updates and running commentary by following us on twitter (@NewYorkRedBulls).

Following the match, we will be posting a full recap, and will post video reaction from head coach Hans Backe and key players later in the day.

In their last preseason match, New York and Atlante FC of Mexico’s Primera División played 90 scoreless minutes before the Red Bulls edged the home team, 4-3, on penalty kicks, with Austin da Luz scoring the game-winner.

Following today’s match, the Red Bulls will continue to train in Riviera Maya, Mexico through the weekend before traveling to Guadalajara, Mexico for a friendly with Chivas de Guadalajara on Tuesday, February 15 at 9:00 pm ET at Omnilife Stadium.  For more information go to:


  1. gigi Says:

    just saw the highlights, those were some pretty nice goals but kassels is just awesome..i mean that kid can shoot from range. i absolutely love how this organization has turned around, they are signing not only quality players and providing depth but all the players they have are just hard workers on the field and it shows. you can have quality but if ur not a hard working team ur not gonna win championships, and im starting to belive this is a quality and hard working team. signing taino would also be an awesome feat, he has a high worth ethic too, this team is gonna make it so hard for other teams to play against cuz theres gonna be such a high level of pressuring and possession. im excited to see who backe has in mind for the center mid player hes bringing in.

  2. Tim F. Says:

    The Chivas de Guadelajara should be a good test. I look forward to seeing those highlights.

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