The Red Bulls leave on Friday for Mexico for the first leg of their 2011 preseason.  We caught up with head coach Hans Backe and players Irving Garcia, Carlos Mendes, and Tim Ream to get their take on the trip.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.



  1. Mecra Says:

    who’s the guy with the blond afro?

    • gigi Says:

      i believe that is keel former player of the colorado rapids, hes a cb and a trialist, petke put in a word for him and got him a trial here.

  2. eric prystupa Says:

    hahaha backe said playing mexican teams, they keep the ball, very patient, all good technically, NOT like playing mls teams. lmaooooooo insult much? lol

  3. tommy w. Says:

    @ eric prystupa

    lmao right? what a dig

  4. Tim F. Says:

    Can you stream the friendlies?

  5. Lenny Says:

    So flippin’ excited for the season to start!! I just wish all the preseason matches were against non-MLS sides.

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