Red Bull New York announced today the signing of English forward Luke Rodgers. Rodgers will join the team’s roster pending receipt of his International Transfer Certificate (ITC).

Rodgers, 29, comes to New York after spending his entire professional career in England. Most recently, Rodgers played for Notts County, where he played under current Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe, and helped the team gain promotion to League One (English third division) by capturing the League Two (fourth division) championship in the 2009-10 season. In his time with Notts County, Rodgers appeared in 46 games and scored 13 goals.


Here are some highlights from Rodgers’ time with Notts:

Watch this video and more on the official video player.


  1. kpugs Says:

    A criminal who can’t even manage a goal every three games in third tier English football who’s nearly 30 and will take up an international slot. Wow…makes perfect sense. Gotta jump on that.

    • jpjr77 Says:

      The fact that Hans has coaches this guy directly before says to me that he probably knows more about this guy than we do. And with Hans having slightly more soccer experience and qualifications than us fans, I’ll reserve my judgment til later in the season.
      This is a league where superstar Englishmen like David Beckham have done less than mediocre lower league players like Terry Cooke on the field!
      Bare in mind that the reserve league is back and we need bigger rosters, greater depth and more competition. I’m intrigued by this signing and would sooner have his speed coming off the bench than Salou

  2. Tim F. Says:

    We have Herny and Agudelo as starting forwards. Even if Ibrahim leaves, we have Rodgers and Richards who can play forward when needed. Still might want to replace Ibrahim if he leaves.

  3. Julian Says:

    3rd division player? Great stuff.

  4. Boots Says:

    i suggest some of you google the words “salary cap”

  5. patrice meursault Says:

    I echo what jpjr said. Backe has proved to have an eye for talent, handpicked Lindpere and saw the potential of Tim Ream.
    I’ve seen Solli play and he’s solid, so we, as fans, need to give Rodgers some time to prove himself before passing judgement.
    With Henry’s tendancy for injuries,and w/ Aguedelo looking to be called up many times for national duties, NYRB will need depth upfront.

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