The Norwegian International was introduced recently, and we had a chance to catch up with him to get his thoughts on coming to NY.



15 Responses to “MEET JAN GUNNAR SOLLI”

  1. Devil500 Says:

    Welcome to New York!


  2. Mecra Says:

    I love this guy already!

  3. gigi Says:

    is this the first bleep in red bulls reader videos? haha like the guy already though, good for the possession game hans craves………play that funky music solli

  4. Lee Says:

    He look really stronge on the ball

  5. Boots Says:

    how much ground would tchani, lindpere , and solli cover if they are in the same midfield?

    • Kawandinho Says:

      a whole lot, they would , if this guy plays like he says he does then a middle of him Lindpere and Tchani would dominate most MLS midfields.

  6. Starks in Tampa Says:

    welcome to NY Solli….I wish you much success with us. Watching this video and seeing the redbulls training indoors on artificial surfcace, one can only hope that they dont suffer a major knee injury…..I know the weather in NY has been awful so that is the reason they are indoors.

  7. emilop Says:

    It appears that Mauricio Sabillon is the right back that NY is looking at. He is a starter for Honduras and has played at CD Marathon and in China last year. He confirmed that he has received an offer from the club but has a year remaining on a contract with Marathon, so he has to get that sorted out. It also says the move would be neneficial to him as his son is a US citizen and his wife has a greencard, so that would speed up the process so he can get his American residency.

    (So there is a possibility he would not count as a foreign player)

  8. PolishPete Says:

    were is Luke rodgers

  9. david Says:

    happy we have solli with us

  10. christian1874 Says:

    “…had two training sessions with the football..ugh I mean the soccer”-LOL

  11. Vic Says:

    Hey Jan! Check out Turntable Lab in the east village for some vinyl 🙂

  12. patrice meursault Says:

    welcome solli! Seems like a humble and good guy!
    I know the Viking Army will love you. Look forward to this upcoming season.

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