There have been a lot of question amongst the Red Bulls’ supporters about the status of midfielder Sinisa Ubiparipovic.  Here is the answer:

The Red Bulls did not pick up midfielder Sinisa Ubiparipovic’s option at the end of the season.

Ubiparipovic scored two goals and five assists over 69 matches for New York since being drafted prior to the 2007 season.

RBR wishes Sinisa the best of luck in his future.


  1. Matt Says:

    84 appearances, actually, unless Wikipedia has it wrong.

  2. Dombrowski Says:

    Good riddance

  3. Fred T. Sapper Says:

    I’m surprised no other team picked up Ubicalifragalisticexpiparapovic. He’s a victim of the rising talent level in the league.

  4. Glenn Williams Says:

    Poor form from the club not to officially announce this beforehand.

  5. Lenny Says:

    Sad that the best banner of 2010 will not be seen this season. Wish Ubi the best, just a shame it took so long for RBNY to acknowledge this.

  6. Kawandinho Says:

    So it really took fan speculation to get an announcement ? thats a real shame guys, real shame.

  7. John Says:

    Seeing a new player wearing a current player’s number on a foreign news media outlet is not the way we as fans want to find out about a current player losing their job regardless of their status within club.

    Side Note:
    The lack of team related updates this offseason has been nothing short of pathetic.

  8. Jack Says:

    i completely agree also wondering about the status of nielsen have heard from other sources he has left but not from red bulls reader or mls

    • Karl Says:

      Backe said in November or December that Nielsesn will be with in camp with RBNY. Brian Lewis reported it in the NY Post….

  9. jspec Says:

    ditto! When people complain about the team not getting any local press they need to only look at the organization. The NY Cosmos who don’t have a team had move press that they did. Come on RB wake the f’up already. You are not the NYGiants/Jets/ Yankess etc.

  10. jspec Says:

    unacceptable! You want this market or not. You kept recycling Rooney’s story since the draft

  11. Cindy Says:

    i rarely complain about RBNY but for real, finding out about Ubi this way is not good form at all. and we have been really in the dark this off season more so than others before. not fun

  12. gigi Says:

    sinisa was a great guy sad to see him go, but it was prob best for him and the club. i wonder who else is on the chopping block…probs boyens he didnt play a game last year, will most likely be on the fringe especially if sacir hot signs. ps matt kassel signed

  13. THE Nick Says:

    Sinisa was never good enough for MLS. Getting rid of him is a big step forward for the team.

    I too would like to see more in the form of updates from RBR.

    I am disappoint. ಠ_ಠ

  14. Andrew Says:

    Well, I really feel Soler is getting rid of anything that has to do with the Juan Carlos Osorio era. I mean think about it, Stammler, JPA, Ubi, Petke, Cepero, Rojas, Hall, all gone. You guys should be thrilled I know I am. All they have to do is either waive or try to get some kind of trade out of Mendes and this team is all brand new. I love it as a fan. That season after the cup was a nightmare and we have two guys (Backe and Soler) that no what they’re doing. So please anyone that honestly feels upset Ubi is gone have you watched the closely the past three years? This team is a new brand breaking away from the Metro/old Red Bull days all fans should be happy and thrilled. Soler and Backe will lead us to the Cup. Believe in them all RB fans.

    • Harry Says:

      Well said Andrew, I am 100 per cent behind you.

    • Clayton Says:

      get rid of mendes? are you dumb or what? he is the longest tenured player on the team and he played phenomenal next to ream this past year.

      • david Says:

        i agree with clayton mendes is our best D red bulls will not get rid of him and JPA would still be with us if he scoared more goals for us and not be burned out and old

      • Andrew Says:

        did u watch the last game against the earthquakes? they need a real central back and he’s not the answer im sorry. I just saw with them releasing boyens there is only 5 players from the pre soler and backe era. Coundoul, borman, richards, mendes, and chirgadze. We know the 2 guys on that list that are going next if you really follow the team

  15. Starks in Tampa Says:

    Certainly not upset about Ubi leaving. He is a marginal player at best. I certainly feel he is more talented then the likes of Sassano, at least Ubi is somewhat comfortable with the ball at his feet, and it is not like he played terrible terrible this past year.. However, with the league improving, espacially NYRB trying to become a powerhouse in North American soccer, there was no room for the likes of Sinisa.

    I wish you well, maybe you can latch on to a team back in Bosnia or Yugoslavia, if they even pay that much to make a living over there…..good luck homie.

  16. Starks in Tampa Says:

    Seriously I agree with alot of you, has been very dissapointing in the off season. Awful job without question. Well I guess the only good thing about it being so bad is that it is a time to learn and hopefully this site can improve as time goes by.

  17. bison Says:

    I remember when the would make player announcements for everything. Different communications teams did a Much better job with press releases. Over the last few years its been all speculation as to who is still with the team and when players sign. We need a better communications staff than the past few years.

  18. jspec Says:

    Sure wish the organization would respond & assure the fans that they are hearing their complains.

  19. Antonio Says:

    I thought the coverage last season was very good, loved the game preview and recap video’s, the weekly correspondant column was a good read and their was info on everything we could possibly need.
    So what happened this off season?
    Did the communications dept cut some jobs or change it’s personnel?
    One of the key things we care about in the off season is who is leaving/joining the club and any other changes we can expect for the upcoming season.
    I hope this is rectified for the upcoming season and you can give us the good coverage you gave us last year.

    For Ubi, I wish him well. A very tidy player who was very good in the open cup last year, but he was never going to be a starter for us going forward. Would be a good pick up for an expansion team and would be a very good player in lower leagues.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      Ubi wasnt as bad as people make him out to be. He knew what to do with the ball, decent passer. Again as MLS keeps improving, guys like Ubi will be left without a team but I am sure someother team in lower leagues would love to have him, the only problem with that is….he can not support himself in lower leagues. The money is too low.

  20. Starks in Tampa Says:

    I agree the coverege during the season was pretyy good, but in the off season it has been horrible.

  21. Tim F. Says:

    I think the team has a new Director of Communications and perhaps he has not yet started? Doesn’t the team’s training camp start today?

  22. gigi Says:

    tottaly irrelevant but did anyone know jan gunnar solli is a dj????? how bout for a chant when he scores we sing play that funky music solli hah

  23. John Says:

    People. Ubi is going to go to another team and make a difference. Mark my words. He was never given the freedom to play his style of soccer. Red Bulls have never been the wright fit for him because of style of play. If he picks the team that plays short pass game, he’s gonna be way above average and do great. Mark my words!

  24. david Says:

    ubi im gald hes gone he was no very good only sometimes

  25. patrice meursault Says:

    Not really on this topic, but goes along w/ the terrible PR of the MLS….what is the deal with waiting so long to release a schedule???? Come on 6 weeks before the season is to start is too late to release a schedule. Some fans actually plan ahead to go to games or vacations..etc.

  26. SECTION 133 Says:

    Ubi will get picked up by another MLS team and will have a career-best year. I just hope it’s not for a team in our conference. He didn’t fit well in our system. He’s more of a possession midfielder that looked to set up a big play with crisp passing instead of a miracle longball. I think we need a guy like that on the team to feed the ball to Henry and the like. That was a big problem last year, our strikers should have had more touches and opportunities. Good luck Sinisa!!!!

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