US U-20 Head Coach Thomas Rongen announced a 25-man roster for a twelve-day training camp (January 2-13) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The camp will serve as the final chance for the coaching staff to look at players before the CONCACAF U20 Championship, which begins on April 3. The regional event is the qualifier for the U20 World Cup with the semifinalists receiving a bid to the intercontinental tourney.  New York Red Bull forward Juan Agudelo and Academy product Sacir Hot are among the invitees.  CLICK FOR FOR GOAL.COM RELEASE


  1. Ablity Says:

    Agudelo got invited to the men national team camp also. I know this kids is progressing nicely but all this soccer is going to tried his legs out and by the time he’s in his 20’s he won’t be any good. This is the same mistake england make with their players, and I just hope agudelo keeps that humble behavior like he can’t believe its happening to him, I hope he don’t get big headed. I want him and his buddy teal to play in the u20 world cup but he shouldn’t have to go to the u20 camp, he should go to the big boy camp if they both fall in january

  2. Alexandre Vaysse Says:

    i see what you saying but he is 17 and has plenty of energy. he needs this experience and it will only give him a huge advantage when he gets older and better. he is good rght now but not yet good enough to play a significant NATS game. i think the timing of the world cup is perfect though because now hell have 4 years of getting experience on the nats and playing intl. at 17 is when you soak up all your skill and he needs to play as much as possible right now.

  3. Walter Says:

    This is excellent news to serve our country, makes you feel proud.

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