Red Bull New York announced today that it has acquired a third round 2011 MLS SuperDraft pick from the Portland Timbers in exchange for midfielder/defender Jeremy Hall.  Hall was drafted by the Red Bulls in the first round (11th overall) in the 2009 MLS SuperDraft out of the University of Maryland. Playing both at right back and in the midfield, Hall played 37 regular season games and made 31 starts over his two years in New York, logging two assists.  CLICK FOR OFFICIAL RELEASE



  1. kpugs Says:

    Looks like Jeremy Hall will score the game-winning goal for Portland in next year’s MLS cup final. But hey at least we traded a first round pick for a third rounder! Super genius!

  2. kpugs Says:

    Kpugs, don’t forget Ballouchy! He had one very good game this year!

  3. Jimbo Says:

    He we go again! Lets all be negative! Hans doesn’t know what he’s doing he only won the eastern conference after finishing bottom last year! Jeremy Hall isn’t a great player!

  4. Adrian Says:

    This is great!!!!!! And I’m being serious. Hall was horrible!!! He played like he was in slow motion.

  5. rbfan Says:

    yeah you hear about draft flops all the time in every sport. a young player who is highly regarded and drafted in the first round and then doesnt live up to the hype. Although he was drafted in the first round, his skill level is about the equivilent of a 3rd rounder. Plus, didnt we draft Tim Ream in the 4th round????

  6. Alle Says:

    Any word on the list yet, RBR?

  7. Cindy Says:

    Tim Ream was the #18 draft pick, second round. Jeremy Hall wasn’t a bad player, he wasn’t the world’s best either. I’m sad to see him go, but I’m not devastated. I am sad that they’ll probably stop playing those two ways to Red Bull Arena commercials now, those were nice!

  8. Lee Says:

    If Portland was going to pick Hall anyway, and it was obvious he would be available, then the trade does the following for Portland:

    1. Avoids having Vancouver pick him before Portland does.
    2. Avoids using a pick on Hall which can then be used to pick someone else, at the expense of losing a 3rd round draft pick (approx #38).

    For RB, they get something (pick approx #38) for a player that was going to go on a free. But they could still lose 2 players on a free, although less likely if Portland agreed not to take any RB player.

    Someone on Bigsoccer made this point and i think its a very good one we was going to lose him anyway because he wasnt a GA anymore so he would be taking up alot of space on the cap and not playing we got a 3RD round pick for him and cap we can spend on players that we will use …… So I have no problem with that trade and I live Hall.

  9. gigi Says:

    good for hall hed prob finnaly get to play left mid over there instead of rb, but hopefully we can have as big a splash in the draft as last year.

  10. pam Says:

    jeremy hall rarely played his position and he did good things for us when we had no one else. i’ll be rooting for him in portland, as that will be our 2nd favorite team.

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