It goes without saying that it was a somber locker room for New York following their aggregate goal loss to San Jose in their Eastern Conference Semifinals series.  Despite carrying play for much of the match, the Red Bulls could not convert enough of their chances to overcome some opportunistic finishing from the Earthquakes.  We spoke with head coach Hans Backe and players Juan Pablo Angel, Juan Agudelo, Tim Ream, and Bouna Coundoul following the match.



  1. nando31 Says:

    thats the spirit juan agudelo! he believes therefore i believe! although i’m very gutted at the moment. i don’t think i’ll be able to watch the remainder of the playoffs. best of luck to juan pablo angel and thanks for the memories

  2. Jeff Says:

    Sad sad day….more sad that we couldn’t finish on a higher not for our captain who probably played his final game as a Red Bull. Great season though and definitely something to build on for next year.

    Thank you Juan Pablo…you will forever be a Red Bull in our hearts!

  3. Claude Says:

    Gotta love Agudelo’s spirit, he’s ready for next year already.

    This was a memorable season RBNY, and you made us proud despite getting knocked out so early in the playoffs. Thank you and see again next year.

  4. fml and ftw Says:

    someone plz tell hans to stfu… U lost this game.. not anyone else.. Agudelo was great but he gassed out and needed to be pulled earlier.. just BLAH explains everything .. unreal Hans… and all that talk about wanting to leave it all out there no matter what.. Salou ? seriously? didn’t know we were defending in the last 10 minbutes

    • jmp Says:

      So you really think Backe lost us this game? Wow!

      • fml and ftw Says:

        Late subs lost this game. PERIOD!.. Great coach but needs to realize that if it’s the last game of season, he needs to be willing to take risk,..

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      backe didnt lose us the game, the poor defending did…how do you give up 3 goals?????? the first goal Roy Miller and Marquez screwed up big time….the second goal Tim Ream, awful defending…and hte third goal, athough a beautey was awful defending….the only one on D that played great was Bouna…very dissapointed by this loss.

      • david Says:

        backe said it he did not think we would win the 2010 cup for sure this year but he said he sure belive’s we can in 2011 when marquez fitness is 100% and henry and also we had not scoreing angel so i belive 2011 will be our year for sure they will sign rodgers and solli who i know are good and can’t wait to see how this plan hans and erik soler has for this team next year

  5. Luisito Says:

    I have to say that I was very disappointed! I think everyone was expecting an easy win tonight! JPA is an amazing player and he sure will be missed! There is not looking back, we need to look forward, I know it’s upsetting but that’s how this game is! We made terrible mistakes in the defense and mid-fielder and now we have to pay the consecuencies about it!

  6. Johnny Says:

    red bulls fucking suck

  7. Sean Says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. And, now I have to pay $50 more for season tickets next year? What a joke. The coaches and team let us down tonight. We were out in full voice and greater heart than any other match all season.

    Salou has got to be one of the worst players on the Red Bulls. Can someone tell me why Hans is in love with him? He’s terrible. Sell him.

    And, it was the three M’s who were awful tonight. Mendes, Miller, and Marquez. Why the hell was Ream forced to charge to cover Convey (a left back) on the second goal? Absurd!

    Agudelo was still playing well and shouldn’t have been taken out. He wasn’t gassed as someone suggested.

    And, what the hell is with the ref calling the match at exactly two minutes when a San Jose player wasted at least 30 seconds of extra time. Not to mention the fact that there was far more than 2 minutes of extra time accumulated in the second half. There were four subs, 3 goals, and several stoppages.

    This stinks of something bad. It wouldn’t be so suspicious if Tim Ream wasn’t denied the award that was rightfully his this week. Ream was clearly Rookie of the Year.

    • david Says:

      salou will be gone next year

    • adiamas Says:

      Yeah! $50 more! Totally wrong!

      I mean.. it’s not like we are getting 2 more games at home… or like ticket prices were kept the same for renewed tickets from 2009 over to 2010 while still being in a new arena. Total rip off!

      You’re a combination of paranoid and delusional.

      It’s not pretty.

  8. em Says:

    Angel was awful today as he has been the last 3 months, the team was playing with 10.

  9. BC.Sec.130 Says:

    Tough loss not only for the Red Bulls but for the league, playoff system has to change. Two of the best teams in the league are playing each other in the 1st round(LA & Seattle) and there is a good chance a #8 seed will make it to the finals again.
    Lets not bankrupted the league again, go back to 1DP!
    The stadium was rocking! Great job by the supporters and fans!
    When does the schedule come out so I can plan for next season, road trips to NE, Chicago,DC, and will never miss going to Philly to kick there a**, great time this year even though we didn’t win.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      I agree….you can bet Garber and Co really wanted LA RBNY finals, cant blame him…but overall I think the League is making tremendous progress. lets hope it continues.

  10. Stu Says:

    Alright, so we didn’t win… I’m as disappointed as everyone else but what a great turnaround from last year. Backe and the rest of the coaching staff did a great job in reinventing this team, even before the arrival of the marquee players, and should be commended for what they’ve done. The future looks really promising and next year should be even better. I’m glad JPA managed to score in his last game as he’s been a great asset to the team. That being said, I’m glad he may be moving on as he’s lost a step or two and we can’t afford that any more. Thanks JPA and good luck in the future.

    Our new young striker looked really promising, strong on the ball and quick feet in the box. I think with a little more time, he will really develop into a threat and I’m excited to see him next year. I think Rafa needs to be more consistent because the team really hinges on how he plays. Henry has not lived up to expectations and if he doesn’t start to produce next year then we might be in trouble.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      I still say with a full year of training and getting to play with the team Henry will come out and produce like we expect. the guy is a tremendous talent….I too am very excited for next year….wish the new season started tomorrow thats how excited I am…can not wait.

  11. em Says:

    Henry was injured and played injured during his time with us an off season to charge up should help him. Im excited about next season. I hope Angel realizes its time to hang it up we dont went him to embarass himself on the field like Moreno did this year with DC. its time Juan.

  12. Larry Red Bull Says:

    First SJE goal: Marquez quit on the play, Miller was terrible and Lindpere failed to clear.

    Second SJE goal: Mendez fails to win the ball v Johnson, he turns, gets the ball to Convey who turns on Ream, absolutely atrocious defending.

    Third SJE goal: Convey AGAIN..and that’s why Wondolowski has 18 goals, because he CAN find the net, unlike the RBNY.

    • Sean Says:

      Larry, you’re wrong about the goal when Ream was spun around. It was atrocious defending, but Ream was filling in by charging Convey’s spot, which was criminal in the first place considering Convey is playing left back.

      To blame that goal on Ream is to ignore any responsibility the rest of the team has. There’s no reason our left center back should be covering a left wing back on a streaking run in the flow of the game. Absolutely terrible by the entire team. And, Ream will learn from it. I doubt the others responsible will.

  13. Larry Red Bull Says:

    1. JPA was awful last night and lets put it this way, I could have headed that ball in. But he was horrible, uninvolved, disgraceful. My friend, who loves JPA bc he’s Argentine and played for his beloved River Plate was shocked at JPA’s play. However, he served the club well and was a great DP, especially that first year, he dominated.

    2. Agudello is a STAR in the making, with the right coaching, committment etc..He will be in Europe by age 21 for sure. He has no weaknesses. He can hold the ball, shoot from distance, composure, speed, height, size, skills, needs more arial work(positioning for heading in the box). I’ve been following the kid for a year plus, and he’s only getting better each outing.

    3. Who goes, who stays: Solou is gone for sure. I am sure Mendez might be going too. This will be a VERY interesting offseason, can’t wait until the changes cometh.

    4. Backe should have taken Angel out and put Henry in at 60/65 minute mark.

    5. San Jose played smart after the first goal, counterattacking, knowing RBNY is weak in that area, SJE allowed RBNY to cross the ball all day, thus saying, JPA can’t beat our D and we don’t think a 17 year old will either.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      Larry great analysis and I agree 100%


      • em Says:

        plus 1…I agree, Angel has been awful. I was calling for his substitution for the entire second half, his goal was a detriment as it held Backe’s substitution, i saw the sub sign and it was 9 for 14 than once he score Backe changed his mind.

  14. Larry Red Bull Says:

    Also, Richards was exposed by SJE in the second half; Convey shut him down and then used Richards weakness, extreme weakness in tracking, thus scoring, and then assisting…where was Dane on those possessions?

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      iv always maintained that Richards is way overrated…he has speed and that is it, he can not create his own shot and can not pass to save his life, can not cross….bottom line is this..if he doenst have 40 yards in back of the defender so he can kick the ball there and outrun the defender he is useless.

      • david Says:

        but u were one of the people he proved wrong he scored 5 goals for us how can he still be awful in your eyes???

  15. Larry Red Bull Says:

    Someone mentioned the tables. Dear MLS, stop with the shennanigans. REALLY. Once table, each team plays each other twice, top 8 teams make the playoffs. Stop with this Eastern Western conference BS, it’s a laughing stock to the rest of the footballing planet. It’s stupid.

  16. Sean Says:

    Larry, do you have no consideration for the size of the country and the travel times with all competitions? We have a fairly unique problem compared to European clubs and most clubs in the rest of the world. Taking planes everywhere is not nearly as fast as hopping on a bus somewhere in England. And, it certainly takes less toll with jet lag and the impact flying so much has on the body.

    I’m not saying single table isn’t the way to go. But, to say it so unequivocally makes me think you haven’t thought this through.

  17. Sean Says:

    And, to add. The defense last night was awful. Particularly Mendes and Miller. But, Albright also failed to contain the wing enough and Ream got caught in an awkward spot on Convey’s second goal, which Condoul should have done better with. But, let’s not ignore this stat.

    23 shots, only 4 on goal. Our offense let us down. Taking out Agudelo for Salou was also an idiotic choice. Red Bulls only goal and most of its threat all night came from Agudelo. Salou, on the other hand, is a waste of space. We should have been giving Garcia and Chinn more time before giving him any on the pitch.

    If Salou is not gone by next season, I’m bringing a sign to every Red Bulls match that says, get rid of Salou. And, Backe must take the blame for this loss. 3 goals at home with the best vocal support and passion of the season from the fans? Not to mention a 1-goal aggregate lead?


    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      absolutely correct. the offense and the let us down but the defense palyed awful…Roy Miller and his awful dribbling and foot skills cost us that first goal. I can not stand to watch him play.

  18. Sebas Says:

    update: my wrist is ok.

    other than that i’m still mad!!!

    With all the individual talent we have it still didn’t help. Things fell apart last night because they didn’t play as a TEAM.


  19. bryan Says:

    need one of each a foward need a midfielder need a defensemen…. three things we go get team will be fine….

  20. Larry Red Bull Says:

    Thanks Starks.

    Sean. That is huge excuse, because, the clubs play each other twice a year anyway, so what is the difference. The difference is, RBNY was unjustly rewarded by having less points than the Galaxy. Galaxy travel to Seattle, play in front of the loudest supporters on a crap turf field and RBNY play the SJE with the least amount of points to qualify for the playoffs. Shouldn’t the Galaxy play SJE? Why bother getting the Community Shield?

    You have to rank the top 8, and 1 plays 8, 2 plays 7 and so on.

    Regarding travel, many of the top clubs play in UEFA and Champions League, which requires travel. The most you travel on a plane is 6 hours in U.S. And often, the clubs play once, maybe twice in a week. These are professionals. Baseball plays everyday, travel many miles, as do Hockey and Basketball.

    ONE TABLE please!

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      agree. travel is not a excuse and if someone uses that excuse it is a lame one…why not something like this…

      You have your western conference and eastern conference fine. How about the winner of the east and west have either the number 1 or number two seeds respectively. then the rest of the 6 teams, seeds 3-8 you take with the best records regardless which conference they play in….so garber still has his conference rivals and we all have the single table playoffs…

      that would be ideal no?

  21. Larry Red Bull Says:

    I almost forgot, what about the free kick in the 2nd half JPA took. Seriously, that was a punt or a free kick. Thought I was at a Jets game for a split second, but then the sight of real grass woke me up. Dude, how do you take a free kick from 30 yards out and top it over the cross bar by 30 yards. Did that go into the 200 Section back there? I think they’re still looking for the ball !

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      that was quite possibly one of the WORST Free Kicks in the history of soccer.

      • Still in the grief cycle Says:

        It was terrible, but it was soccer 101 that sent the ball into 101 or maybe 201…
        But I imagine he was going for an Up and Down with a little bend. From that distance you need a locked ankle which reduces the abibilty to adapt at and through the strike. Up and down requires bottom over top spin, he struck all bottom…oh well

  22. em Says:

    Angel should not have been allowed to take free kicks or set pieces, GETTING RID OF ANGEL WILL ELIMINATE HIS SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT. Henry is a real star and took a backseat for the TEAM.

  23. redbulls4ever Says:

    To be on a high all season long, and then last nights game?. We expected to win, I am numb and disguisted right now. I remeber when I was leaving the game last night, how somber all the fans looked, it was really depressing. I am really lost for words, I guess we have to take our pride and swallow it.

  24. Dario Says:

    I wonder who the next DP will be?

    Red Bulls for Life. I feel…argh.

  25. orlando Says:

    fd GREAT REGULAR SEASON!!! DISAPOINTING FINISH. Wow!! the crownd was fantastic last night, I thought for sure we were going to win. Too many missed opportunities. SJ made their shots although not as much as RB but they made it count. Tim Ream soild game, unfortunately he did not have good support around him. Changes do need to be made back there for next year. As far as midfield and striker positions, it seems that we need a player(s) who instinctively know how to better position themselves off the rebounds and not choke at the moment of truth. Just my cents.

  26. em Says:

    If JPA was being honest with hemself he would retire.

  27. Alle Says:

    I was glad to be there last night, what an atmosphere, but everyone summed up my thoughts on here, it was a poor way to finish. Being 1-0 up going into the home leg should’ve been enough to do well, but the mistakes at the back were frustrating to watch. Miller was clearly the #1 suspect last night and as Kristian Dyer stated on his ratings (gave Miller a 3 out of 10 I believe), don’t be surprised to see him go – or in my words, replaced with someone better (and this isn’t just based on last night’s performance either). Hans wasn’t expecting to win it anyway (remember when he tried downplaying any idea of winning the Cup months ago). Thankfully we have a decent squad to build off of for next season. A few tweaks (Probably 3-4 players at most considering who might be released etc.), and we’ll be good to go next year.

    As for the next DP, I already had an idea in mind of who would probably come in next year: Mateja Kezman – who was just released by PSG a few days ago. Another 31 year old I know, but looking at all of the DP signings we’ve made, the next one will surely be 30+. Apparently he’s interested in playing in the MLS as well, but his attitude is a problem, so I don’t know about that just yet.

  28. em Says:

    Kezman is better than Angel, Miller did not play well but overall he has been very good all season he is a top attacking full back and needs tro be given another shot next season.

  29. eric Says:

    of course Angel has been playing bad……when you realize your team doesn’t want you anymore….well what kind of motivation is that to play???? thank you Angel….truly the best. And marquez…..start playing like it’s a mexico vs usa qualifier or else get out.

  30. em Says:

    His lack of touch and ability to run and make effective runs has nothing to do with that, if anything that would motivate him to prove the team wrong. It has to do with age and diminishing skills. His lack of a quality first touch is not managements fault.

  31. em Says:

    In a cup competition the best team doesnt always win look at RSL this year and last, this years RSL team is better than last year and last year they won MLS Cup while this year they got bounced first round. Anything can happen in a two game series.

  32. Walter Says:

    Sad, really sad.

  33. mgp Says:

    Thanks for a great season guys. The fashion in which it ended will sting for a while… but I’m trying not to lose sight of the fact that expectations were greatly exceeded this year. Last to first!

    Despite the final outcome, you should be proud of the work you did this year. And know the work has just begun.

  34. Slayer Says:

    I am still in shock. Sucks. But I have to admit, I peeked at the season ticket prices already for next year. I am THERE come March.

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