Red Bull Arena hosts its first playoff match tonight when the Red Bulls host the San Jose Earthquakes in the second leg of their aggregate goal Eastern Conference Semifinal series.  With a win or a draw, New York would advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, a match the club would host for the first time.  But first things first, as the Red Bulls must maintain their one goal advantage against the ‘Quakes in front of their home supporters.  Lineups and running commentary after the jump.

New York Red Bulls:





Subs: Sutton, Petke, Henry, Robinson, Ibrahim, Tchani, Hall

San Jose Earthquakes:





Subs: Edwards, Burling, Leitch, Ring, Stephenson, Alvarez, Eduardo


1′ And we’re off…

4′ Mendes with a crunching tackle early.

5′ Wondolowski gets off the first shot on net, but it has no pace.

6′ Goal SJ.  Convey beats Coundoul to the upper 90 after a failed clearance.  1-0 SJ (1-1 aggregate).

7′ With Richards down on the other end of the field, SJ pushes forward (rightfully) and nearly finds another goal.

13′ A foul on Agudelo gives NY a free kick on a good spot.

13′ Angel puts the restart over the top.

14′ Players on both sides are having a tough go on a slippery pitch.

17′ Corner for NY

17′ NY picking up the pressure after conceding early.

18′ Marquez tried one from distance that swerves wide.

22′ Agudelo tries one from a sharp angle, but Busch is right there.

25′ After some dangerous crosses are intercepted, Miller’s chance from long range is high and wide.

27′ Ream breaks up a good chance, which results in a corner.

30′ Ballouchy with a blast that hits Angel on the way towards net and bounds away.  Unlucky.

31′ Albright and Corrales down at midfield after a collision.

32′ Albright is up, Corrales isn’t yet.  Corrales with a yellow on the play.

33′ Angel nearly gets his head to a cross, but Busch punches it away.

39′ Agudelo makes space and puts one off the near post.

42′ Johnson redirects one on net, but Coundoul parries it wide.

43′ Lindpere puts Richards through, and his shot is blocked out for a corner.

45′ SJ gets a 3 on 2 break, but the cross is too high for Wondolowski.

45′ 3 minutes of stoppage.

45+’ Corrales is down and is hurt.

45+’ SJ sub: Eduardo for Corrales.

45+’ Richards curls one wide as the half ends.

HALFTIME: 1-0 SJ, 1-1 aggregate.

HALFTIME: No changes for either side.

46′ And we’re back…

47′ Hernandez blocks a Marquez shot in the area.

49′ Miller dribbles into space, but his shot in the area goes over.

53′ Agudelo draws a foul just outside the area.

54′ Marquez puts the restart just wide.

58′ Agudelo gets loose but can’t get a shot off.

60′ Agudelo frees Ballouchy in the area, but his shot is blocked.

61′ After a foul, Angel balloons the restart well over.

63′ Attendance tonight: 22,839, a club record for a home playoff match.

67′ SJ only sending 3 into the attack, with the rest back defending.

71′ Lindpere frees Agudelo down the right side, but his cross is deflected out.

73′ Agudelo gives it a go, but it skips wide.

75′ SJ sub #2: Alvarez for Geovanni.

76′ Convey breaks free in the area and beats Coundoul again.  2-0 SJ (2-1 SJ aggregate).

78′ GOAL NY!!! Angel nods home an Agudelo cross!!  2-1 SJ, 2-2 aggregate.

80′ Yellow to Busch for a foul on Angel (foul behind the ball earlier in the play negated the scoring chance)

81′ Goal SJ.  Wondolowski heads one in off a Convey cross. 3-1 SJ, 3-2 aggregate.

84′ 3 NY subs: Henry, Hall, and Salou for Agudelo, Albright, and Mendes.

86′ Salou gets a shot off, but its right at Busch.

88′ Miller nods on a Marquez cross to Henry, but he puts it over from close range.

90′ Henry rules offsides in the area.

90′ 2 minutes of stoppage.

90+ Marquez puts one wide.

FULL TIME: 3-1 SJ.  Quakes advance 3-2 on aggregate.



  1. marcia Says:

    OK, I’m going, who else will be there…..I believe that we will win!

  2. NaNo Says:

    Red Bulls are gonna eat San Jose alive. Jajaja. I will also be there, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. RBA should be a its loudest tonight.

    Let’s go Red Bulls.

  3. bryan Says:

    i will also be there.. BRING RAIN JACKETS LOL…

  4. Starks in Tampa Says:

    agudelo starting tonight?

  5. karbaz Says:

    The exact opposite of what we wanted to happen early on, jesus h christ.

  6. karbaz Says:

    That goal certainly woke us up, we need to keep it up, we look more likely to score but that doesn’t mean anything we HAVE to score.

  7. Sebas Says:


  8. Dario Says:

    Henry to the rescue?

  9. karbaz Says:

    We need to get Richards in the game more, I feel like we barely used him in the first half.

  10. karbaz Says:

    This is driving me insane right now!

  11. karbaz Says:

    This kid is great.

  12. karbaz Says:

    Oh thank you god we only need one more.

  13. karbaz Says:

    Get Richards off he hasn’t done jack crap, bring Henry!!!1

  14. karbaz Says:

    Game over………

    Thanks again Red Bulls, it wouldn’t be you if you didn’t screw it up at the end.

    And at home too, you have got to be kidding me.

  15. Sebas Says:


  16. Sebas Says:

    thanks alot RB now my wrist is probably fucked from punching my couch!

  17. david Says:

    well red bulls season over now hans backe better keep his word on makeing us win the MLS cup 2011 like he said

  18. karbaz Says:

    Sorry for you guys out there that went to that game in that weather and saw our defense decide to take a vacation during the most important game of our season so far.

    Still can’t freaken believe it, how do we keep doing this to ourselves. We deserve an apology for this shit!!!

  19. Cindy Says:

    gutted. oof. glad to see that beautiful Agudelo to Angel goal at least. passing of the baton.

  20. em Says:

    Im not going to get hysterical, nut througout most of the game today the Red Bulls were playing with 10 men as Angel is completely done. He has nothing to offer. Agudelo (he is a player) gifted him that goal. The truth is it may have been better for the team had he not scored, as Henry was in the process of being subbed in for Angel just before he scored. As a result Backe held up on the sub and we gave up the 3rd goal. I thank Ange for his last 4 years but his last three months have been a nightmare. Desppite the goal he was one of the reasons we lost today.

    • david Says:

      angel was useless and the D fell apart when it matterd most and the Ref the the year kinda sucked and in the end we know we could have beat SJ

  21. Lee Says:

    I think we have a great team that will get better under Backe …. But we have to get Angel off this team he is done and after the last 2 months of watching this guy its time so say Thanks and goodbye …….. Plus I really hope we bring in Matt Kassel for next year ……… and we need a good Goalkeeper …………………..Lets get it next year!!!!!

  22. Starks in Tampa Says:

    my observations from tonight…I thought again much like most of the year we started off awful…..Roy Miller is pure garb age and I hope I never see him play for us ever again…he was the culprit on that first goal along with Marquez….and he almost gave up another one…he can not handle the ball at his feet…he just looks up and kicks it in the air AWFUL!

    Our boy Angel…thanks for the memories but you sir a not a good player anymore…thanks good luck next year best wishes for you and your family but tonight angel couldnt hold a 17 year old jock strap….heres hoping we see more of Juan Agudelo….the kid was great tonight, who knows if he puts in that ball that hit the cross bar it would have been different.

    another example of Dane Richards being all about speed and nothing else….great Job Bouna! great keeping out there…..tremendous save to keep it at 1-0 and great presence in the box…

    great season and lets hope we can come back stronger next year.

  23. BC.Sec.130 Says:

    Tough loss not only for the Red Bulls but for the league, playoff system has to change. Two of the best teams in the league are playing each other in the 1st round(LA & Seattle) and there is a good chance a #8 seed will make it to the finals again.
    Lets not bankrupted the league again, go back to 1DP!
    The stadium was rocking! Great job by the supporters and fans!
    When does the schedule come out so I can plan for next season, road trips to NE, Chicago,DC, and will never miss going to Philly to kick there a**, great time this year even though we didn’t win.

  24. em Says:

    Dissapointing but the team under Backe and Soler made huge strides this year and the future looks bright. Angel had to go he is completely innefective, his free kicks were awful his runs off the ball completely inefective, its tough to playing when your number 9 is that limited. As far as Miller he is a good player and so is Richards, we just need to add 3 more good players and we should be ok Solli and Rodgers will help as will a health Henry.

  25. em Says:

    Giving up a goal 6 minutes into the game changed everything, it changed how we had to play and we didnt take our chance, Agudelo had to play by himself alone as Angel was lost and not getting in position to help Richards and Agudelo. Than we had the better of play and a defensive lapse which occurred as we needed a goal and we lost it happens, NY was the better team but give credit to San Jose they went after it. Overall our defense has been good all year there is no need to make massive changes, our full backs are good we need someone to challenge Albright but Miller is very good. Marquez and Henry came in with no preseason and thats important , next year we will have serious aspirations and expectations we need to meet. Agudelo showed he is a player and he is clearly better than Angel at this point. We will be fine.

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