A terrific team performance and a second half Joel Lindpere goal was enough for New York to earn a 1-0 first leg win over the San Jose Earthquakes Saturday night at Buck Shaw Stadium. With the win, the Red Bulls head into the second leg at Red Bull Arena Thursday night with a clear advantage and the momentum in the series.

We caught up with head coach Hans Backe, Lindpere, Red Bull Academy product Juan Agudelo (who made his first MLS start and became the fourth youngest player to start a MLS game) and Tim Ream after the match.

Red Bulls talk about 1-0 win over San Jose

What were your thoughts on the match?

39 Responses to “RED BULLS KNOCK OFF QUAKES, 1-0”

  1. bryan Says:

    great game….. have we ever had a coach like hans…. learned from his mistake he could have easly gone with one striker on top and made excuses….. players hurt… the 17 year old kid is not ready.. instead he said we need to win stuck with the two strikers up top….and did not make the mistake that he did against philly…. he has got everyone on this team playing a system where he can plug players in and out and still have this team play well…

    • Taz Says:

      I agree that the 17 year old is not ready for prime time. Backe should have started Chinn with Angel. Chinn will supply speed, aggressiveness and push Angel to perform.

      • el Says:

        What? Agudelo was very effective, he was more dangerous than Angel and did a very good job, Chinn and Angel as a pairing doesnt work as they both lack pace and mobility which is one of Agudelo’s strengths. I dont know what to say, we win a huge playoff game on the road and what we do is start ripping Aguelo and Coundoull (who is clearly one of the best goalies in the league).

    • Taz Says:

      What is El smoking? The kid was not effective or a threat in the game. Chinn has speed, mobility and is very dangerous. In fact, the ideal pairing is Henry with Chinn….take that to the bank and the MLS championship.

      • el Says:

        Obviously you didnt watch the same game, Busch made a great save to thwart him of a goal. Once again, we know more than the coach I guess your at practice ever week watching Chinn outperform Agudelo? No Chinn is not noted for his speed.

      • Starks in Tampa Says:

        I agree with El, Agudelo was not great but he was decent…he was a threat to SJ and they knew it…much more of a threat then Angel….sometimes I wonder what game people watch sometimes.

  2. bryan Says:

    by the way i dont know if it was me but were all 30 redbulls fans out singing and out chanting san jose fans…lol

  3. Kahro Says:

    RB need new goalkeeper. This one yust block the ball front off him do often. Look again do Estonia for that

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      what are you talking about? Bouna has been sound all year…sure he isnt the best goalie in the world but he is a darn good goalie for MLS….he can not kick Goal kicks, and has communication problems with his D however as far as reflexes and point blank stopping the ball there is no one better in MLS.

    • Alle Says:

      Let the haters keep hating, seriously. If we win the MLS Cup, I’ll remember comments like these. And when the same haters start saying “Bouna’s the man” etc, I’ll make sure to say: “What? Wasn’t it you who said he was crap just a few weeks ago?”. Unbelievable.

      • Starks in Tampa Says:

        I dont get it, its not like the guy has had an awful game recently. I dont understand where the hate is coming from??? Sure he has given up a few soft goals earlier in the year but his communication has improved, his decision making has improved….sure he can not kick goal kicks, which I claim will is all mental…but who cares when he continues to stop the ball.

        our backup GK has a tremendous leg and has some of the best goal kicks iv seen in a long time, should we start him? Why hasnt Hans started Sutton over Bouna then if it is all about goal kicks?

      • NaNo Says:

        Pardon my interruption, but if the defense wasn’t as good and solid as it is game by game, then we would be getting rocked time and time again. We can all agree that condoul is no the safest keeper, but gotta take what we have and deal with it.

  4. redbulls4ever Says:

    We could have scored at least half a dozen, if it wasn’t for Busch. Solid win for the lead in this away victory, Lindpere played good and a nice goal too. Angel looked as though he was out of steam and Richards didn’t really produce like he has in recent games. This is the result that will give us the confidence to finish on another high this Thursday.

  5. esteban Says:

    Last line by Backe says it all, “we must go for the home win”. Let’s go guys! Glad there are enough players on team confident enough to push for goal when Angel or Richards are shut down, or ineffective. Hoping to see a few goals for our side Thursday. 107 let’s make some noise too!

  6. marcia Says:

    We did not look like a well oiled machine…the team seemed disjointed except for Joel’s determination and Carlos and Tim on defense as usual. Our supporters were terrific, I believe!

  7. Slayer Says:

    3 games away from the cup!

  8. Yanni Says:

    The Red Bulls better get a new Goal Keeper! Since it seems that JPA won’t be re-signed for next season, with the money saved there, the Red Bulls need to upgrade their GK position. I still think Cepero is a better keeper, he just had a horrible defense and Osorio’s poor roster selections every week. As a scout (The Scouting Network, Birmingham UK), I have no interest in a goal keeper that can’t take a goal kick at the professional level. Till then I can’t take Bouna Coundoul as a serious goal keeper. He may have great reflexes and agility but he makes to many mental mistakes. I have seen to many soft goals and errors that lead to goals from Coundol. Time for a change next season. Till then I hope he plays great in the playoffs. GO RED BULLS!

    • Redbulls/MetroStars Says:

      you are insane and an awful scout if you think Cepero is a better GK then Bouna…lol Cepero is one of the worst keepers I have seen in MLS in quite some time…lack of size did not help him either…As far as I am concerned Bouna’s goal kicks have improved and as long as he has those great reflexes and communication with the defense improves then there is nothing to complain really.

      He is easliy one of the better GK in this league, not even close.

  9. rbfan Says:

    You can work to improve your goal kick accuracy and power, you cannot however improve your reflexes. That is something that only comes naturally and last time I checked we cannot change our genetics.

  10. bryan Says:

    the organization seems to have a long term goal in mind for this team… i think they will draft a goalie and have him learn under coundoul or under another veteran goalie… i think it will workout just fine

  11. el Says:

    I guess now since we cant rip Richards we need to find someone else, Bouna is a good goalkeeper. We are winning because of our defense and they play of our midfield, all our goals are coming from the midfield. Angel has been extremely inneffective its been 12 games since he has scored a goal in the run of play, for a forward (especially someone at his salary level) thats very alarming, we need to upgrade the striker position in the off-season. Hopefully he can score some goals in the playoffs before leaving the club in December.

    • Alle Says:

      As I told someone else above, let the haters keep on hating, they have nothing better to do. If we win MLS Cup, remember these comments, because they’ll be something to laugh at while he, the rest of the squad, and we are celebrating.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      El I agree with you Angel, he is not a good player any more….he can not be counted on to continue the attack and or be dangerous when receiving balls close to the 18….if it is not a PK, he is not much of a threat….thank you for your time Angel, great to have known you, best of luck to you at River, or Boca or any other MLS team next year…. if they will have you, I am sure other MLS teams will, not so sure about River and Boca.

  12. marcia Says:

    Well , Henry sure is proving to be a hero for the money we spent on him! Angel has done more for this franchise than Henry has, he had the assist to Joel’s great goal. I agree that Angel has been deflated and ineffectual since the Red Bulls have decided to let him go but he doesn’t complain over every broken nail he gets! Let’s cheer the hard work and determination on…I believe that we will win!

    • el Says:

      Seiously, your whole bashing Henry to cover up Angel’s poor play is puzzling. Angel did not assist on Joel’s goal, it was a poor clearance by SJ back to Lindpere. Henry unfortunately is injured now, but when he was playing he was a catalyst in helping us reach first in the east. Yes he didnt score as much as we would like and hopefully that will pick up, but he had a greater influence on the team over the last 10 games than Angel had. Angel is 35 thats why he isnt producing, it comes a point in every players career that they lose it, and Angel being a one-dimensional player if he isnt scoring he doesnt help the team, thats just the way it is. Sentiments aside, do you think Angel is worth being a DP next year he hasnt scored a goal in 12 games and he is our starting striker, do you think thats good production??

      • NaNo Says:

        Henry has only played what 4-5 times in the last 10 games. He hasn’t had an impact as of yet on the team and obviously not on the league. Angel may no be scoring many goals (if any) as of late, but his play opens up options for other players to come thru (Richards). Angel is a big asset to this team as of today, the team has done great with him on the field, without Henry by his side. So don’t come and say that Henry has done more, when even you know it’s not the correct thing to say.

  13. Dario Says:

    RBNY to win MLS CUP!!!

  14. marcia Says:

    Angel has shown more heart, ability, leadership and goals in his time as captain on this team than the Red Bull franchise could have asked for! He along with the staunch supporters, kept this team afloat when everyone else threw verbal tomatoes at them, similar to what you seem to go out of your way to do in every one of your posts! Since I do not have the ability to say who goes or who stays, it is my opinion, that Angel should stay but not as a DP or for the outrageous money we spent on Henry! Work out a deal that benefits everyone. As for Henry, if the Red Bulls paid only for his name then they got what they paid for, otherwise I think he plays like a wooss!

    • el Says:

      Angel wants DP money, and he isnt getting it so the relationship is ending. I applaud Angel for his time here, he gave us good years and unfortunately age has caught up with him, he isnt the player he once was and it would be irresponsible for the team to sign him at that money. Fact is Henry is here for the next four years, so I expect that when healthy he will produce, he hasnt been great but he has been a positive influence on the team and he does more than just score goals. I dont know what this whole calling Henry a wuss etc, is all about. It seems like if you see Henry as the reason for Angel’s departure so you need to attack him. The truth is if Angel had been playing well there could be an argument to bring him back but the truth is he isnt and I dont want a 35 year old striker who doesnt score goals. We dont live on the past we live in the present.

  15. el Says:

    As far as leadership and lifting others level, Henry in 10 games has done what Angel could not in 4 years. I see Angel as a player who would berate and show up teamates on the field, if a bad pass was made a poor run, he would show up his teammates, Henry doesnt do that, rather he compliments them and makes them want to be better. Angel was a goal scorer not a leader.

    • Cindy Says:

      that’s possibly the most ridiculous assessment of Angel i’ve ever read. he berates himself on the field yeah, and occasionally will throw up his hands in frustration when he constantly lacks service but who wouldn’t. all of his teammates speak of him only positively. we understand that he’s getting old and that for NY reinvesting in him isn’t worth the money, but let’s not pretend he wasn’t the amazing player and person he was for this franchise since the day he got here. even in his current frustration he isn’t being nearly as terrible to the image of the team as he could be.

      let’s not hate on Angel and let’s not hate on Henry. at least without Angel scoring he has been tracking back and defending and also providing great service too [see Dane Richards most recent goal v. the Revs]. he’s still awesome, he’s just not as productive. let’s settle down.

      let’s go Red Bulls!!!

  16. marcia Says:

    As a long time Metro/Red Bull fan, I thank Angel for the great leadership he has shown while he was captain of this team. My youngest son played with Jozy in NJ, still keeps in touch, when Jozy speaks about Angel he does so with fond memories, great respect, and as a fine leader. Good enough for me.

  17. Kahro Says:

    who said i hate Bouna ? Yust if you block ball front off you and give another chance do score (last game at least 4time he did that) then thats not good goalkeeping.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      Again not sure which game you are watching, his rebounds usually go to the side and the defense then clears…Bouna is a good GK. Is he great? No, but he is a good GK at the MLS level no doubt.

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