A few weeks ago after the U18 Red Bulls took on the U17 USMNT, we had a chance to speak with the U17 USMNT goalkeeper coach.  With New York’s playoff series kicking off in a few days, it seemed appropriate to get the thoughts from a man that was guarding the NY goal for the club’s first playoff series win, the inimitable Paul Grafer.  After injuries called him into service, Grafer helped New York defeat Dallas, two games to none, to help the team advance to the 2000 Eastern Conference Finals.  With the influx of Red Bull Academy players on US National sides, Grafer has come into contact with many rising New York stars.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.


  1. MetroFanatic Says:

    2 games to 0 in 2000, not 2 to 1…

  2. bryan Says:

    half the damn team is hurt lol….

  3. Taz Says:

    Backe would be a fool to start Agudelo. The Rednbulls have much better talent on the bench–CHINN. I hope Backe is not foolish and destroy our chances for a win in San Jose.

    • el Says:

      Im glad he was “foolish”, as you say. Agudelo is a very talented player, Backe was smart in playing Agudelo. With Angel’s lack of pace and mobility it would be foolish to have played him with a similar forward, Agudelo is more of a second striker with good pace and mobilty which is better suited to play with a classic number 9. Backe is a great coach.

  4. larryang Says:

    Where’s his pants?

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