A look back at some of the best plays of the Red Bulls’ season as the team heads into the playoffs.  The Red Bulls play away this weekend, but return to Red Bull Arena on Thursday, November 4 for the second leg of the Eastern Conference Semifinal series with the San Jose Earthquakes.  For tickets: 1-877-RBSOCCER or NewYorkRedBulls.com.

Watch this video and more on the NewYorkRedBulls.com official video player.


4 Responses to “2010 PLAYS OF THE YEAR”

  1. Dombrowski Says:

    Private video… pleasse unlock

  2. alex Says:

    hey ummm u forgot the best one… the lindpere and henry goal with the heel from lindpere and the run up with henry.

    • jpjr77 Says:

      It’s there 2:08 mark.
      Would like to have seen Petke’s goal V Santo’s on there and the win at RFK was huge this year!

  3. lilreamer13 Says:

    what about tim ream’s goal the first of his MLS career and as a rookie defender to top it off

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