The Eastern Conference regular season champion New York Red Bulls will face the San Jose Earthquakes in the teams’ two-leg, aggregate goal Eastern Conference Semifinal Series. New York will travel to Buck Shaw Stadium to take on San Jose in the first leg on Saturday, Oct. 30 at a time to be determined before the teams head to Red Bull Arena on Thursday, Nov. 4 at 8:00 PM ET for the second leg (TV: ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, ESPN3). Tickets for the Red Bulls’ home leg are on sale now by calling 1.877.RBSOCCER or CLICKING HERE. The winner of the series will take on the victor of the Columbus Crew-Colorado Rapids match-up in the Eastern Conference Final.



6 Responses to “ITS SAN JOSE IN THE SEMIS”

  1. Dario Says:

    we are the favs for this round, we must defeat SJ over the 2 legs and get to the ECF!

  2. Larry Red Bull Says:


    NYRB raised the season ticket prices for my section from 425 to 530. A 25 percent increase for 2 extra games. Does any1 agree w the following points:

    1. Raising tickets during a 10 percent plus unemployment period
    2. Existing Season Ticket holders purchased tickets for a last place club
    3. The 2 extra games are for expansion clubs
    4. The stadium has averaged 15,000 coming through the gates, actual human bodies, not tickets brought and did not show up

    NYRB should raise prices at 10 percent maximum for existing season ticket holders. The club still needs to prove it can be the best Consistently, and build its fanbase, not price it OUT. Big Mistake RBNY.

    • Mike Says:

      do that math again. The increase is not 25 percent. you have to factor in the two addition games to your 530 for next season and remember that the 425 is only for 15 games. if you added 70 bucks (sidelines seats for two matches) to bring your total to 495, your price per seat only goes up a little bit. while it sucks that prices went up, the increase is minimal and still is extremely small for any event in the NYC area.

  3. Larry Red Bull Says:

    2 games no one cares about, Vancouver and Portland. 16 games (Santos included) at $26.56 per game. Now it will be 18 games (530) at $29.44 per game, so it is 10.84 percent increase per game. So I believe the season tickets should be $483.88 at most. Keep the first 16 at same price 26.56 and add the 2 games at current price 29.44 would be perfect. Instead, RBNY tacked on another $46.12. I may have to go for the nosebleeds and walk down to the empty seats then. Every1 else does it.

    • Mike Says:

      Simply no. How can you say nobody cares about those two games when neither team has even assembled a roster yet or played in MLS? That is like saying you would not have cared to see Seattle prior to them joining last season even though they have been a top team in MLS since day one. For all we know one of those teams can sign a big DP or assemble a quality roster. Your logic is also off because as the attendance shows for some of our games this year, nobody cares about the Revolution , Dallas, or Houston so should STH not have to pay for those games too? Santos was “included” in your package as a bonus gift this year; STH did not pay for it. Go back and check your invoice. Consider the relatively low increase ( 2 or 3 bucks a seat? LOL) and be thankful you dont have to pay a ridiculous PSL like giants or jets fans. In the grand scheme of things, RB season tickets are the best value out of any major ny sports team especially when considering the stadium, product on the field, and price of tickets.

  4. el Says:

    All the seats are good and there arent as many empty seats as you make it out to be. I care about the Vancouver and Portland game equally, should they only charge for the LA and DC game, and lets is in free for KC etc? It wont be 18 games it will be 20, if we make the playoffs. 530/20 = 26.50 per match.

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