The Red Bulls clinched the Eastern Conference Regular Season title last night, earning New York home field advantage throughout the MLS Playoffs.  The next home match for the club is Thursday, November 4, when the Red Bulls host the second leg of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.  So the real question is, have you bought YOUR TICKETS YET?  Maybe this video will inspire you.



  1. Menace Says:

    So we’re not allowed to have streamers, but you can show video of us throwing streamers? Seems intended to confuse, if not a double standard.

  2. Dario Says:

    I cant wait to WIN MLS Cup.

    The GW will be scored by Lindpere. I said it first.

  3. Cindy Says:

    oh man that star looks so good over out crest! me wants it!!!!

  4. Cindy Says:


  5. Slayer Says:

    Looks like it will be San Jose first. I’m not worried.

  6. Walter Says:

    We can do it.

  7. f Says:

    Yes, we can do it but let’s do it in front of a packed house. RB marketing folks, you know the hardcore fans will be there. It’s YOUR job to make sure the area knows about this match. Too bad it’s on a Thursday. 😦

    Could’ve been a real, big party on a Saturday!

    • orlando Says:

      Yeah!! what’s up with this Thursday playoff day? It does not make
      sense. It must be because ESPN is televising it nationally and probably
      cannot on Saturday because of college football contractual agreements
      Bad move it’s about grassroots and expanding support. I live 10
      minutes from RB stadium and I don’t see any billboard signs about the Nov. 4th playoff game. But I do see the inagural billboard posted to this day at some bus stop. We live in the media capital of the world and I
      never hear during the sports segment of the news about an RB win or loss. If you can’t with the billboards how about commercials. Let’s
      make this work marketing people. GO RB!!!

      • Chan Says:

        It’s true. The only signs you see around the Newark area are for the opening of RBA (Santos game). Why aren’t the billboards updated?

  8. plrbcoach Says:

    Anyone know the name of the song used in the video?

  9. Dario Says:


    RB/Metro is infamous for not having any marketing skills. They should fire whoever is in charge of the department of hire a REAL MARKETING PERSON!!!

    I live in Nassau County, where RBNY is virtually non-existent.

  10. rbfan Says:

    They could do well to put up some ads in the NYC area as well. I mean with the Yankees out of the picture anyone who is familiar with soccer but wouldn’t have gone beacause of the world series is now a potential ticket buyer.

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