New York Red Bulls players and head coach Hans Backe thank the fans for their support during the 2010 MLS season.  Many players say “thank you” in the native languages.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.



  1. Cindy Says:

    adorable! thank YOU!!! let’s go red bulls!!!!

  2. 505anthony Says:

    Can I use this forum to urge Red Bull to try everything in their power to re-sign JPA? Seriously, it’s awful seeing this guy who’s been our best player, captain, and role-model look so crestfallen. That’s no way to treat this guy. We have to re-sign him. No one scores goals like him anywhere else in this league. Worse, if the supporters see him geared up in a NE or DC kit, there’s going to be some serious beef. You give him a new contract this weekend and he will fire us to the final, I guarantee you.

    • el Says:

      What, he hasnt scored a goal in the run of play in almost 1,000 minutes. We should want to improve not get worse.

  3. Lisa Says:

    This was really cute. RBNY must be sick of looking at THAT shrub and THOSE trucks all the time; we need a proper training facility. Also makes me think of the Holiday message that AC Milan sent out last year. Great job with the videos overall lately.

    We know organizations must develop and stick to a strategy. If RBNY mgmt finds he doesn’t fit then better he gets respect, minutes, and money elsewhere. I strongly wish too JPA would stay but it would be worse as an “hincha” to see him benched (Dallas was a sick match made worse without JPA; imagine that at RBArena!!). It is disappointing to lose a player accustomed to MLS who also earns a place on the list of top scorers EVERY season (along with Buddle, LanDon, LeToux…) but I’d rather have him play somewhere. JPA is our Drogba, our DiNatale, a leader – no matter the ZIP Code.

  4. Dario Says:

    NO, thanks to you guys for winning.

    Now win 4 more….

  5. Freddy Says:

    As JPA said: “it’s been a phenomenal ride!”. Now let’s sign the man for another year, win the cup and after next season give him a contract as an assistant coach. He’s been a great ambassador of the game, a great athlete who came to earn his paycheck the hard way and gave 110% to the team.

  6. Anthony Says:

    The Red Bulls had better re-sign JPA.

    He is the heart of the team.

    He plays hard each and every game…He loves NYRB and he should end his MLS career with us!!!!!!!

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