Its the final match of the regular season as New York hosts New England at Red Bull Arena.  A lot is at stake for the Red Bulls, as a win would clinch the Eastern Conference Regular Season and the top seed in the East for the playoffs, giving NY home field advantage though MLS Cup. For New England, the Revs are playing for pride and for a chance to sweep the season series from their rivals.  We asked head coach Hans Backe and players Carlos Mendes and Salou Ibrahim for their thoughts on the match in the video below.  Share your thoughts (and formation/lineup/scoreline predictions in the comments section.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.


  1. Alle Says:

    I just hope Backe stops with the 4-4-1-1 crap. He might have been experimenting, but it clearly doesn’t work. 1 striker up top is useless, it’s like 4-5-1 basically (remember the Osorio days). Leave Ballouchy on the bench or replace him with Richards whenever needed, but leave the Tchani-Marquez duo (and the strikers) alone.

  2. Dario Says:

    Alle I agree…to hell with that.

    But it SUCKS that Henry is out. We worked to hard all season to not win the EAST. And then we can shove it in Harkes’ face…on ESPN2.


  3. Taz Says:

    One, I too hope Backe gets back to a 4-4-2 line-up. I also think he should put CHINN in with either Angel. Ibrahim is worthless and Agudelo is overated.

    • Jimbo Says:

      How can you say Agudelo is overated when hes hardly played at all and is still 18! Who are you saying rates him so much anyway?

  4. Lee Says:

    Who the hell is the #40 in goal i see him everytime do anyone know anything about that goalie ?

    • Alle Says:

      Probably a GK from the MLS pool called up to fill in for Sutton’s place on the bench when Bouna is on international duty (like Alex Horwath).

  5. BlancDaBody Says:

    3-0, to the Metro Boys… Goals for JPA, Rafa and Tony Tchani

  6. david Says:

    hope my red bulls win

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