The Red Bulls head down I-95 for a Saturday match with their newest rival, Philadelphia Union.  This marks New York’s first visit to PPL Park, and a large contingent of Red Bulls supporters are expected to make the trip.  New York may have already clinched a playoff spot, but the Eastern Conference regular season title is within their grasp and three points will go a long way towards making that goal a reality.  Columbus plays at 4pm on Saturday, so New York will know that result heading into the fixture with the Union.  Head Coach Hans Backe, Chris Albright and Joel Lindpere share their thoughts on the match in the video below.  Share YOUR thoughts in the comments section.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.



  1. kpugs Says:

    And still no statement from the club on Angel. Nothing shouts “respect for your loyal fanbase of 15 years” like pretending you aren’t shoving your captain/scoring leader/all around classy guy out the door without even mentioning it.

  2. e Says:

    What are they gonna say? Shoving him out the door? His contract is up and there are three options, renew, dont resign , or resign at a lesser salary. He doesnt want a lesser salary so they have no choice, he isnt worth almost 2 million a year, thats a fact.

    My concern is beating Philly and winning the division, its not Angel, im a Red Bull fan not a JPA fan. I want the best interests of the team first.

  3. NaNo Says:

    I Love Angel, i’ve been a follower of his ever since he was with River Plate of the Argentinan first division. I would hate to see him go, being the player and person he is, but I also understand the front office wanting the team to look a little younger, and also saving some money on his contract. What I would hate to see is replacing Angel with someone who has no talent. The club needs to find a perfect complement for Henry and Ballouchy. I know Angel fits this role perfectly, but this is a business after all, and the front office has to make this decisions, whether we fans like it or not. Hopefully Angel stays, but seeing the way he has played in the last few months, and how good Ballouchy has fit with the team, it’s gonna be hard to keep Angel around.

  4. Jimbo Says:

    @kpugs, If they were going to offer him a contract then its between them and Angel to negotiate. They wouldn’t announce it to the fans before speaking to the player first!!

    If they don’t give him a contract its prob not the best thing to tell the player and the fans right before heading into an important play-off run! Let him and the rest of the team concentrate on winning the cup first!

    • NaNo Says:

      I agree with you, this is all offseason talk. Maybe we’ll be surprised, and it’s one of the other two DP’s to go. We’ll see. Play-offs first and then we’ll know.

      • david Says:

        two DPS as in henry and rafa??? u kidding right u can’t give up players like that it be waste of money

  5. Dario Says:

    I LOVE JPA, but it is time to move in another direction. I am sure the club will go with a younger player with just as much class.

    JPA will always be a top RB. And #1 in my book.

    on to the game, we must win this game…IMO, if we win th East, we will get to the MLS Cup.

  6. Anthony D Noriega Says:

    I believe that the team played a great game against the RSL, although without goals no game is perfect. I think that Juan Pablo Angel, who has been extremely watched and tackled down a few times will continue to do well.

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  7. Slayer Says:

    Can’t wait for two sold out playoff games at the arena! Henry will get a hat trick in Philly.

  8. bryan Says:

    philly put a fight against LA… they will put up a fight against the RED BULLS… this game is huge if columbus loses or ties and we win we will win the east with a chance to rest people against new england…. lets see how hans has our boys focused or not

  9. el Says:

    Henry will be missing this game, so Ballouchy and Angel up top.

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