New York and Salt Lake played to a hard fought and physical draw tonight at Red Bull Arena in what some pundits think could be an MLS Cup preview.  The point earned moves the Red Bulls lead in the Eastern Conference up to two points over the Columbus Crew, with two matches to play.  Following the match, we asked head coach Hans Backe and players Mehdi Ballouchy, Tim Ream, and Juan Pablo Angel for their thoughts.  Share your thoughts in the comments section.



  1. Emilio Lopez Says:

    This game highlighted the importance of Dane Richards to this team, he is easily Red Bulls most dangerous player. Its funny how a few months back people wanted to start an untested rookie over him. This game also showed how Angel’s lack of pace really limits the team, he needs the ball at his feet in front of goal to do anything. Its obvious that when the team is at full strength Angel is no longer a starter.

    • Chan Says:

      I was thinking the same about Dane after the game. He would have been the difference on the right. I also thought that JPA should have finished some of those chances. A tough game against a quality opponent. RB will be at full strength if we see RSL again.

  2. david Says:

    if red bulls face RSL in the playoffs they will have to deal with richards and angel he better score in the playoffs if not in the season

  3. Claude Says:

    Dane was definitely missed on the right, although Lindpere did a great job pushing RSL’s left flank back. Henry was good on the left and Rafa did pretty well in front of the back line.

    I agree with the comments above, Angel needs to get on the board again, his first touch failed him a lot today as it has in the last few games. I’d hate to see him go, but he’s got to produce in the post-season.

    Where was everybody? We expected a full house and there were barely 15,000 on hand.

    • Dario Says:

      Attendance: 20,829


      • Claude Says:

        I’ve been there for most games this season, there were not 20,000 on hand.

      • bryan Says:

        yankees game i assume not to people wanted to risk not being able to get back in time for the game i know i was stuck in traffic for 3 hours trying to get into nyc.. i made it back for the 3rd inning….

  4. rbfan Says:

    I love how months ago everybody was hating on dane. Now, everybody thinks he is extreemely important to the team.

  5. harry Says:

    Dane was a great loss for our team, but Real Salt Lake had a solid defense. The play offs are going to be tough but I have a hunch we will do alright.

  6. Emilio Says:

    Angel’s play over the last 10 games are making it easier for the Red Bulls not to bring him back, for that money he needs to produce.

  7. marcia Says:

    We paid way too much money for Henry to be afraid of the ball, his handling skills are great but he will never play with the heart that Angel has shown. Angel has stuck by this team at it’s worst, remember he has helped to shape Josie into the player he is today. If we let him go, we lose the spirit of this team. Joel, though not that fast, is a work horse and has ability and passing skills. Dane has speed but has no thinking skills! Marquez is still too new, he loves the long balls to Henry, his corner kicks are good. Our defense is the best, Tim will eventually be part of our national team, Carlos well deserves Petke’s spot, Albright has held his own for the years he has pput in and Miller is still to be determined. I’m still looking to keep my seats in section 109 please!

  8. Reese Says:

    At least some on the ridiculous Dane haters from early on are admitting their short sightedness, but not all. They like to say Dane benefits from DPs. I think it is a mutual benefit. Dane strectchs defenses. 3 DPs on field yesterday and the stadium man of the match choices were Ream Lindpere and Mendes. Everybody plays a role but DPs need to step up for playoff run. Lots of frustration visible from Henry and didn’t see a whole lot of creativity from Ballouchy . Red Bulls great season will continue but chemestry needs to be right. The return of Dane will help. A loyal son of Red Bull who has always given his best.

  9. gigi Says:

    great, great game played by ream, makes me think back to parkes rookie season, i wonder who do you think had a better rookie campain? Tim ream or jeff parke? I think the edge has to go to ream.

  10. emilio Says:

    Seriously its sad that people are still bashing Richards and praising Angel? What is the reason for that? seriously?????

  11. Walter Says:

    We need more confidence, we do have the potential. It is sad how we have three D.P’s and we can’t get a home win. I so love the redbulls team this season, but we still have to push at all costs. We want wins, we need trophies, we want magic for this team.

  12. bryan Says:

    sighing angel to a 2 year deal which is what he is looking for makes no sense…. 40 year old football players do not play well thats a proven fact… he wants DP money… sorry he is not worth it right now.. in years past yes not now tho…. with marquez and henry recruiting i tell you what we could get one hell of a DP….

  13. Frank Says:

    What about Carlos Tevez as the next DP? Apparently he’s not happy with his situation with Man. City and said that he is thinking about quitting soccer altogether. 5 years playing in england, and not once has he spent time with his family for christmas and new years. MLS can give him that and maybe NY can be that spark to make him enjoy his soccer again. He is 26 years old, I think he’s worth a look.

  14. marcia Says:

    This franchise has mucho dineros for Angel if they really want to keep him! The fans, especially from Newark, love him, even more than Mexican National Marquez who is not really looked upon favorably by the Mexican team’s fans.

  15. phil Says:

    I do not “bash” dane, but a thinking fan has to see that at first he was a ONE TOOL player only – speed. His decision making was always questionable – lately he has matured and makes many good choices now. RBNY are in great position as the playoffs begin!

  16. Dario Says:

    If we beat Philly, and Col. wins…than next week on ESPN 2, with John Harkes he willhave to announce us winning the EAST!!

    YES!! HAHAH!!!!

  17. Starks in Tampa Says:

    I am not praising Angel but I will still say Dane Richards is not very good still…his game offensively is only still about Speed and nothing else….he is horrible at crossing, not a good passer..can not get by the defender unless he kicks the ball in front of him and outruns his defender, he has no offensive moves whatsoever….

    • emilio Says:

      that response is comical, its obvious he is a very good player, the results speak for themselves. Some people dont know much about the sport.

      • Starks in Tampa Says:

        What is comical is this latest response. To call Dane Richards a very good player is beyond comical it is absurd.

        He is who he is….a bolt of lightning and NOTHING ELSE, believe it!

      • emilio Says:

        I guess the fact he is the most dangerous player on the team, has scored 4 goals in his last 5 league games, is a starter on his national team, and has been praised by both Henry and Marquez as a terrific player equate to being a poor soccer player. He has speed thats good, and he has skill also he has made clever moves to score goals and is a good passer of the ball, and has improved his crossing ability. You may not believe but he is one of the better wingers in the league. Seriously a player plays like he is currently and has like in the 2008 playoff run and we call him a poor player, now that is comical. He is a good player not a perfect player.

  18. bryan Says:

    durring the friendly between USA and COLOMBIA angel said he odds are he wont be back…. it sounded more like a statment…

    • rbfan Says:

      Yeah I saw that, I hope he has a place to go to where his skills will be appreciated… Maybe he should “take his talents to South Beach” 😀

      No, but seriously I’m sure half of the other teams in MLS would love to have JPA. Not for $1M, but he is definately a better finisher than a lot of the other strikers in the league. I have a feeling someone could get him with the DP tag for about what Seattle pays that swiss guy Nkufo, i think its $480k. It would be money well spent too.

  19. marcia Says:

    Saw that game and sadly heard JPA confirm that. I also spoke with Red Bulls affiliate to cancel my season tickets until further notice, I’lll watch from home. If Henry breaks a nail and can’t play, who do we have, Chinn or Ibrahim?! It won’t be the same!

    • emilio Says:

      Take it easy, the team will sign a DP in his place, and Angel hasnt produced in over two months, his lack of pace is a glaring weakness now and his first touch has failed him, seriously I dont know what to say if you wont renew your tickets because the team is trying to improve itself. Im glad that we are looking for an upgrade for that salary level, Angel was good but he is no longer worth that salary level. He is a 35 year old forward who isnt scored. And thats a fact.

      • emilio Says:

        Angel acts like a victim, if he were playing great and didnt appear to be losing his form he would have an argument to be re-signed. For the last two years he has flirted with River Plate and Nacional saying he wanted to return there, now he is a victim, come on!!

  20. marcia Says:

    And Henry has been a real great addition for the money and his age, 32! Talk about acting like a victim, Henry is afraid to go up in the air, he goes down like a feather, he continues to fight every call even when the rest of the team can use him in the play! He’s a French wuss who will wind up being a traitor without a backbone. As for goals produced this season, check out Angel’s stats in MLS, I believe he’s #4….Henry, 1 goal! Speaking about DPs, the coach was really depending on Marquez to come up big in the back, unfortunately he had some real bad turn overs!

    • emilio Says:

      Yeah he has 13 goals. and in his last 10 he has only 2pks, he hasnt scored in the run of play over his last 10 games. Yes Henry hasnt played great but last game he played out of position, but Henry is clearly a better player than Angel he makes players around him better his his movement of the ball etc look at how Richards has performed and Marquez outside of one or two bad games has been the cog in our midfield.

  21. emilio Says:

    Its not a coincidence that the team has taken off since Henry and Marquez have arrived. Since Marquez and Henry have arrived we have only lost 2 games out of 13, and the two losses we could have drawn.

  22. Dario Says:

    If JPA does not return, and it looks highly likely, I am VERY curious to see what direction RB will turn to.

  23. C. Says:

    Bring Back Angel!!! Don’t push away our greatest player ever!! He deserves to retire here!!

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