The U18 Red Bulls Academy side will take on the U17 US Men’s National Team Saturday at Red Bull Arena, immediately following the Red Bulls MLS match against defending MLS Cup Champion Real Salt Lake (GET TICKETS).  Each day this week, we will spotlight one academy player that will feature in the match, to give you an opportunity to get these talented youngsters a little better before cheering for them on Saturday.  We continue this feature today with midfielder Sean Davis.

Sean Davis is a central midfielder who joined the Red Bulls Academy last season. Davis is a very technical player who has great vision and excellent passing ability. Davis spent two years in the US U17 MNT Residency program in Bradenton, Florida. He is also a member of the U18 US MNT.   Davis has committed to NCAA #19 ranked Duke University, starting in 2011.

Name: Sean Davis
Position: Midfielder
Number: 6
Date of Birth: 2/8/1993
Holmdel, NJ
Signed with Academy: September 2009



  1. kpugs Says:

    I still think we are owed some kind of statement from the team on our captain and all time leading scorer, and leading scorer this season, and the guy who is amongst the league leaders in scoring this season, Juan Pablo Angel.

    Someone at this club needs to have the integrity to explain why he is being pushed out the door. Angel has addressed the situation with pure class and stated nothing but love for this team.

    So..he wants to stay here. He’s awesome. He’s consistent. And he’s going to be let go. Why?

  2. emilio Says:

    What? Why does the team have to address anything, this is about the team not Juan Pablo Angel, we are in first place. Management has the right to decide that an aging 35 year old striker is not going to fill the DP spot next year, if he is willing to take a lesser pay than fine, but if he isnt I cant blame them. Yes he has 13 goals this year thats good, but he has only scored 8 goals in the run of play all year, 1 free kick and 4 penaltys make up the remainder of his goals. In his last 9 matches he has not scored any goals in the run of play, only 2 pks, its obvious his skills are diminishing and for the way we play and with Henry’s style of play a striker with pace is needed, Angel does not offer that. From a marketing perspective which I dont care about a higher caliber name DP player would help draw more fans than Angel can. But I dont even wanna argue that, a team has a right to decide who fits into the team without having to explain anything, im glad they are focusing on winning rather than appeasing fans, if they had appeased fans, Richards who has been our best player since Henry joined us would be riding the pine. Henry has not played great since joining us but its obvious the influence he has been on players with regards to confidence, something Angel has lacked in his 4 years here, what he is known for is berating teammates during games, not offering positive advice. I thank Angel for his 4 years but if the team decides he has to go so be it. Im a Red Bull fan first not an Angel fans first.

  3. emilio Says:

    Its funny how Angel for the last two years was always acting vague on remaining with the team, with numerous argentinian and columbian press he would say he would like to play with River or Nacional, not saying he wanted to stay in NY, now he is 35 the options of him making this money elsewere are practically non-existent so now he wants to stay. Prior to that he was always expressing to various foreign media that he wanted to play for River or Nacional. I dont blame Red Bull for looking at their interests, Juan Pablo has done the same.

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