We sat down with the recently retired John Wolyniec to get his thoughts on his playing days, as well as his future with the organization. Below is the first of two parts. Enjoy!

Watch these videos and more on the NewYorkRedBulls.com official video player.


5 Responses to “WOLY SPEAKS: PART 1”

  1. Devil500 Says:


  2. alex Says:

    I will always remeber your heart for the game, I hope you can transfer some of that spirit to the academy and community. LEGEND+1

  3. Dario Says:

    We will always love you Wolly!

  4. jacksays: Says:

    Woly you are the best i have been watching you since the Metros.You give your heart to the game with some stellar action .You are a legend in my book .Good luck with the next generation of players we need them!

  5. agnigrin Says:

    I second that Woly you are the best. A classy guy and yes a Legend. Glad you are back in the fold as a coach and look forward to when you take over the USMNT as a coach down the road!

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