The big match is tonight (11 PM ET on ESPN2) as New York  and Los Angeles meet in a battle of top tier MLS teams.  The Galaxy took a 1-0 decision at Red Bull Arena in the first meeting, so the Red Bulls will be looking to even the score and keep pace with Columbus in the Eastern Conference.  New York is also looking to see how they match up with the MLS-leading Galaxy as Hans Backe continues to mesh his new parts into the club.  Backe, Juan Pablo Angel, Rafa Marquez, and Tim Ream shared their thoughts on the match in the video below.  Share YOUR thoughts in the comments section.

Watch this video and more on the official video player.



  1. Dario Says:

    I hope Angel scores a goal and gets his place back in the S11.

  2. emilio Says:

    I hope the team wins, thats the most important thing.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Saw a different interview where someone asked JPA about coming off the bench and then JPA stalks off angrily. Unfortunately, looks like JPA iis not part of Backe’s plan when Henry is healthy. Love JPA but with what RBs have done this year, have to respect Backe’s decisions as well. Regardless, go RBULLS!

    • Sebas Says:

      For all of you who want to go the easy route and accept that JPA is not part of Backe’s plans should be ashamed. Although JPA is nearing the end of his career he still has alot to offer as you can see by his production this year! The guy is our top scorer and always leaves his heart on the field. As all things his career with Red Bull will come to an end. But I believe if we have any chance of securing a title ASAP we have to keep him at least one more year.

      Henry is top quality and no one denies it. But JPA is way more adapted to this league and obviously knows a thing or two about scoring goals. JPA deserves a chance to be in the title race. He’s done way too much for us and I can understand his frustation in being put on the bench. What Red Bull did earlier this year in trying to trade him was disgusting and unaccpetable.

      Enough said on that matter.

      I’m looking forward to REVENGE tonight.


  4. emilio Says:

    Exactly, based on how Backe and Soler have transformed the team, I also respect his decisions as they are intended to benefit the team. Angel is getting up there in age and we have to look at improving the team.

  5. david Says:

    hope we win this is a do or die game if we lose kiss 1st place goodbye for good

  6. emilio Says:

    I wanna win also, and hope we do, but if we dont its not the end of the world, since the way the league is set up playoffs are the most important thing, and in a two game series against any team Im confident we can take any team if we are at full strength.

  7. Ali Says:

    i’ll give anything for a win tonight

  8. Starks in Tampa Says:

    I just hope our defense doesnt come out flat as they have all year vs big time teams in big games on the road….we can not give up an early goal. we need to be the ones attacking….lets hope for a win.

  9. Jamez Says:

    Redbulls best team is as follows, Backe need to stop messing with the line up that was gelling and destroying teams.

    the last time we lost a game was when this team did not have one of its main component. Leave them together and they will gell into the best in the league by Play off time





    this should be our team this year baring any injury

  10. emilio Says:

    Tje way we want to play Angel’s lack of pace prsents a huge problem. If you notice since Henry arrived we do not need to rely on Angel’s scoring as other players are chipping in, it isnt good to rely on an aging striker whose best days are behind him. Yes we cannot dent Angel’s production, but the fact is when the team was playing for Angel the team did not have any success. Angel has had to take a backseat to Marquez and Henry as they have a better pedigree in the world of football than Angel, and the truth is Henry and Marquez have done a good job of getting the best of other players, something Angel never did. I see Henry and sometimes Marquez applauding their teammates efforts even when they make mistakes, that gives confidence, while Angel would always berrate and give open signs of frustration to his teammates. The team has changed and Angel does not have the clout he once had, and that we cant change.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      emilio im telling you, for the past week or so iv been agreeing with everything you say..very well said.

      • emilio Says:

        Thanks, we cant live off the past. The team is more important than the last name on the back of the jersey. Angel hasnt played well for awhile, and when he doesnt score his lack of pace is a huge liability.

      • Jamez Says:

        While Angel is regressed, and for sure TH14 and Marquez has helped to improve the players. we cant pretend that benching Angel was a good idea. This is not even about his goal production but more about what he adds to the team . Without Angel, teams double and triple team Henry, redering him useless throughout the game. Without Angle who takes off some of the pressure both Dane and Henry can be closed down. Angle plays high and takes the attention of the defenders, this opens up space for Richards to make runs down the right and into the box. Henry drops deep and so does Ballouchy leaving us passing the ball around with no breakthrough passes. Dane will make a run and get easily closed down because the defenders are not occupied by any strikers thus they are always in position .
        With Angle + Henry the defenders are always Occupied , this gives more chances for Lindpere and Richards to have an effect on the game, defenders cant double team them leaving Henry and Angle open in the middle .

  11. alex Says:

    Emilio, really “The can’t live off the past” argument for a guy who is in the run for the golden boot. The only reason high pace is such factor is due to poor transition between back and middle 3rds of the field. better transitions would force closer midfield coverage and free up space at the top.

    • Alle Says:

      +1 here. Angel’s lack of pace does frustrate me, but we can’t forget that he has scored goals this season when it mattered. To be him at this moment would be a crucial mistake in my opinion. If we secure the playoff spot (and when I say ‘secure’ – I mean it), then Backe can start fooling around and test things, but now is not the time.

      • Alle Says:

        To bench him*

      • Alle Says:

        Forgot to mention: As for next season – I think we’ll need an upgrade upfront since he is indeed getting old (no offense ofcourse to him since he has made a big contribution to this club, but all players have to stop one day).

  12. bob Says:

    You don’t need much pace when you are that good in the air!! how many goals does Angel score with his head!! He only benched him because he was trying to steal a point from a very good side away from home by playing 5 in midfield. Angel is not done and I bet he plays well tonight. Some of the fans on here are the most negative towards their teams I have seen anywhere!

    Get behind the Bulls win lose or draw!

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