A few weeks ago, we were visited by Estonian Television.  They followed Joel around for a few days and put together this nice video piece on our favorite Estonian.  They even subtitled it for us!  Enjoy.



  1. MetroFanatic Says:

    This wasn’t subtitled by the Estonian TV, but rather by MetroFanatic poster shparkz:

  2. Dario Says:

    I love this guy…..

  3. Jeff Says:

    Really love this guy…..hard nosed, loyal to RB, works hard every game. I’m also biased in that Joel wants to help RB win the title and decided to forego playing for the Estonian national team. Thank you Estonia for producing such a great footballer!

  4. Lee Says:

    I knew Joel was a great player , but he is also a great person ……. I also hope with can get some more players for there national team

  5. cb Says:

    Joel is the best! Thanks for this video. Bring on more Lindpere content! ETV rocks.

  6. j1mbr0wn Says:

    I love Estonia! Thank you, Estonia, for Joel Lindpere.

  7. irishapple21 Says:

    Lindpere is such an important player for RBNY this season. Thank you, Estonia! And thank you, shparkz for translating the video. The Estonian fans who have discovered our team are wonderful.

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