It was an intense and physical game at Pizza Hut Park and despite going a goal down twice, the Red Bulls ended up with a 2-2 draw against FC Dallas tonight. New Red Bull midfielder Mehdi Ballouchy made his club debut and scored his first goal for the team. After the goal, Thierry Henry attempted to kick the ball back in the net, but instead, it hit goalkeeper Kevin Hartman, who left the game at halftime. Henry, who contacted Hartman after the game and apologized, said it was completely inadvertent and had this to say to reporters:

“The ball was there, like I do sometimes, like you see some other players doing, I like to kick the ball back in the net and he put his foot out there and that’s how he got injured. It was unfortunate; I went to apologize at halftime because I didn’t mean to hurt him. It was a pure accident. I told him I was sorry and he accepted it.”

Here was the post-match reaction of the match by head coach Hans Backe, defender Chris Albright and Ballouchy.


24 Responses to “RED BULLS TIE FC DALLAS 2-2”

  1. bryan Says:

    no word on why angel was left out most of the game??

  2. Jeff Says:

    looks like maybe RB preparing for not having JPA next year…hope not since JPA is the heart and soul of RB

  3. Ken Says:

    Jeff you are right. I love JPA and is my favorite player who always plays and gives 100%. Even the announcers last night said that Henry is missing JPA and they have good chemistry together. I hope that we do not go back to 4-5-1 with Henry the only real striker up top like we did for years with JPA because utimately we will only have the same result. The two of them have a great understanding and need each other.
    From day one and I really do not understand why Hans does not like JPA who is the captain and the heart and soul of the team like stated above. I guarantee you that with all these changes and NY getting rid of JPA this year they will live to REGRET it. Does Hans ever say that Henry or Rafa ever have bad game (no) then why does he always pick on JPA?
    I wish him and his family the best. Thanks for the memories JPA!

  4. emilio Says:

    The truth is Angel will be 35 next year, and in his last 6 games the only goal he has scored is a penalty kick goal. Yes JPA has been great for us, but his best days are behind him, with the quick passing style we now deploy we need a speedy and mobile forward to play with Angel. Tchani is a very important player for us his ball winning and distribution are essential with the way we play and Ballouchy looked great, I wouldnt be surprised if yesterdays lineup is our primary lineup when we play on the road. Lets not forget a striker at 35 is on his last legs, thats just a reality in this sport. It has nothing to do with liking a player or not it has to do with we have to put our best lineup out there.

  5. emilio Says:

    Ken we were 5-19-6 last year, thanks Soler and Hans for the change. Im glad there has been change.

  6. George R Says:

    To be fair with JPA, do not count only the goals he scored; he pulls people to cover him and open space for the rest; creates space; his pressure caused the own goal yesterday (forgot already?); previous game his closing on a defender freed the ball for Richards to score… and on and on and on… We didn’t win last night because Hery was ‘lonely’ at the top; They are a pair of aces.
    well…. let me think… oh!! who “IS” one of the top scorers in the league? J P A. If we could squeeze at least one more year of his services, we’ll be fine next year when new and old players understand each other better.

  7. emilio Says:

    If he proves the last 5 games and playoffs that he still has it great, but his last few games, he hasnt been top notch, and Tchani cannot sit he is a key clog in the midfield.

  8. stas Says:

    One of the worst game I saw this year. We lucky that we got away with a draw. Have an extra man on the field and couldn’t do anything about. Very slow and no pass forward. Start attack on left than pass to middle than to right and than all the way back that how our attack been that night. Poor performance.
    I hope they do better next week. Last few games gonna be though. With game like that we not gonna win MLS.
    Doesn’t matter if JPA leaving next season. We still have to finish this season. and 12goals this season scored by him is better sounds to me than trying new guy for a next season. Hans should start him every game.

  9. Larry Red Bull Says:

    1 point for this game was disappointing. Look, Dane hit the near post, then he shot (Henry cross) was cleared off the line, so RBNY should have had the lead. Our defense gives up soft goals sometimes. That first goal was soft and so was the second. So, down 1-0, Shea is red-carded. And then RB tie the game b4 halftime. At this point, RB should win 3-1. The energy, the intensity, the build-up was lacking. Regarding Henry. First, forget the ball, go celebrate your new team mates goal. Really? Did he mean to hurt the GK, absolutely not. What he did was just a stupid thing and the GK’s foot touched the ball exactly as Henry went to kick it into the stands! Regarding JPA. He will be 35 and I really do not see RB paying nearly 2 million dollar salary. Maybe 500,000. I hate to say it, but I think JPA may not get a new contract. Hate to say it. If he does, it will not be more than a 1 year contract if that. RB runs a business, not a charity. But lets wait to see these last 5 games and the playoffs.

  10. Ken Says:

    Emilio I agree that JPA is 35 but all I am saying is JPA plays well with Henry and without him he will not score as easily when they have to pay attention to JPA it allows others to be open like Henry and provide more a threat to the attack. Case and point the game against Colorado and San Jose. Lets not forget JPA was the heart and soul for the team for many years and had shit players to play with. Yes NY has a better record but only because they got better players and not the shit they used to have under JCO. Like George stays JPA provides alot of other things besides scoring. He comes back and passes well, and by doing that allows others to go forward and score and his leadership on the team cannot be challenged. Okay Emilio lets allow JPA to leave. I will see how good the team is next year and see if Henry has even half the amount of goals JPA has at the end of his stay with NY in a few years and we will see who was right. I will not argue a point on non sense. Everyone knows what JPA means to this team and without him we are a different club.
    Henry has not showed me anything without JPA being doubled teamed which allows his to roam and score. Ballochy is good midfielder but does not have nearly the touch that JPA has. All I am saying is lets allow him to retire as a Red Bull and give him the credit he is do for all the years of suffering on a bad team. Whether his goals are by penalty or GREAT free kicks lets take all 12 goals away and see where the team would be early on in the year. JPA does not have to score all the time but can assist with other players getting open. He is always striking at goal. Lets look at games, Chicago – great saves by keeper but could have been 3 goals by him easily. Great header last week and great goal against Houston to say the least. I am not saying earlier changes were not needed but do not think letting go JPA is the answer when our chemistry is just starting to come together. Who is going to be our new forward star or are we going to play a 4-5-1 like the past? JPA at 35 is still better than most forwards they can get out there. Is Salou the answer, come on now? I am saying lets give him one year or at the most a Non-DP contract and if he accepts fine and if not okay thanks for the memories.

  11. Michael Says:

    relax…this is smart…let him rest up for the playoffs…once we clinch we can prepare…we got big things on our minds…worry about next year, next year.

  12. Nicolas Says:

    I think JPA was left out because NY played outside,(not because of his age)and the coach wanted to test a new stronger team,able to defend after 02 lost games outside.Sure that it wasn’t persuasive…
    I’m curious to see next team on NY’s pitch,and i’m sure JPA would be with the 11…

  13. Lugji Says:

    Ken we should not put the players before the team we should support the team first then players after and the way the team is gonna upgrade for next year i don’t think JPA good enough for the team i think the age is getting to him and most likely is not going to produce what we are looking for i think we have to look for second striker who is much faster and work with the Henry, iam not saying he is a bad player but age is getting to him.

  14. rbfan Says:

    I think it was a smart move to rest him. he should come off the bench every other game until the playoffs. We need him, and he is 35! He is on his last legs he needs all the rest he can get so that when we are in the playoffs he can give it his all.

  15. Stas Says:

    rbfan what about game practice? sitting on the bench is nothing good. he need game practice to fit for playoffs.

  16. emilio Says:

    Angel will not start next game, he wants to play Ballouchy as a second striker and I cant blame him.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      exactly what he wants to do. anyone who has watched this team all year sees that unless Angel gets a ball right at his feet in great position to just take a shot on goal he has no value to the team….he can not create his own chances any more and with Mehdi as a SS Backe was thinking he can create more for Henry…I dont blame him I kind of like that idea myself.

      Its a simple case of JPA’s days as a redbull are numbered.

  17. Zeelimit Says:

    I believe the reason for benching JPA was tactical. We were playing a tough team on the road and a tie was thought to be a good result. One forward and an attacking midfielder was a good strategy. If my analysis is correct, we will see JPA start at the next home game.

    My only complaints about the coaching decisions for the game was taking out Tchani and leaving in Ballouchy. Ballouchy cannot play holding midfield since he consistently gives up the ball easily. But maybe Hans wanted to see if he could handle the spot.

  18. stas Says:

    Zeelimit I think team that planing to win MLS should always play for a win. You never see Chelsea or M.U. Play for a draw.

  19. Brett Says:

    Haven’t any sportswriters or reporters asked Backe about JPA? I’d like to hear from the coach himself on this one as I don’t understand why JPA didn’t start THIS game.

  20. stas Says:

    Brett, good idea. Does anyone from RBNY read this forum? We need to find out the truth and we Can handle it 🙂

  21. rbfan Says:

    I will say this, Angel is making a bigger salary than the average MLS player, a player with the DP tag shouldn’t be coming off the bench, he should be a starter. I understad this is kind of going back one what I said earlier, but I still believe giving him a rest every now and then isn’t a bad thing, especially since we’re pretty much guarenteed the second place spot in the east and the playoff berth (toronto and chicago are now just fighting for enough points to qualify in the final spot for the playoffs). Angel has been a starter for this club for quite a while now, maybe he isn’t performing to the standards coach has set for him and we are seeing a changing of the guard. Then again, maybe Hans was just trying to see what his new player could do.

  22. Chris Says:

    If you think back to the first game against FCD at RBA, we were absolutely dominated in the midfield. We had no control of the flow of the game. Both of our goals were scored completely against the run of play.

    Backe has had the Red Bulls playing much more of a possession focused game, especially recently with the addition of Rafa. With Dallas’ 4-2-3-1 formation my bet is that Angel started on the bench so that we could still control the pace of the game from the midfield.

    I still think that Angel should have been subbed out at the beginning of the second half though. We needed to bring the game to FCD a lot harder than we ended up doing, which allowed them to play a more relaxed counterattack. We have the offensive weapons, let’s put the pressure on especially when up a man.

  23. Brett Says:

    On a podcast today, Backe said JPA didn’t start because he didn’t have the “pace” required. In any other corporate setting, that’s code that will subject a company to an age discrimination claim. Here, it’s writing on the wall. I knew I’d eventually see it; I’m just surprised it came so soon.

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